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For a normal human being, more than one-third of their life is dedicated to sleeping on an average. And the ones who are not able to get a restful sleep suffer its toll, both physically and mentally. With elevating stress levels and anxieties along with deteriorating medical conditions, sleeping disorders are now a common problem faced by most adults.

To overcome this annoying problem, there are various sleep-inducing medications available in the market. However, according to many researches carried out by experts, it was proved that the antihistamine ingredients present in them may cause one to feel groggy, dizzy and low on energy.

But do not worry as your own family pharmacy, chemist-4-u, is there to help you get rid of this occasional sleeping trouble! With medically-proven Tablets like Nytol One-A-Night, Quiet Life and Sominex Sleep Aid, you can say goodbye to sleeplessness forever. These medications do not have any side effects and naturally activate the sleep cycle of the body to make you fall asleep naturally.

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Showing 11 results