Hair Care

Your hair can be a source of unnecessary stress if you find yourself dealing with a condition that affects your scalp or your luscious locks. From dandruff to head lice or even hair loss, this is the place to learn more about the conditions that can affect your hair and what you can do about them.

Hair Care Advice & Guides

Everything you need to know about hair loss: causes, prevention & treatments that actually work!

There are many causes of hair loss, such as menopause, alopecia, genet...
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10 top tips to shield your hair and scalp from sun damage

Enjoying the sunshine is one of the best parts of summer, but did you ...
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10 natural remedies to repair your damaged hair at home

Is your hair feeling dry and damaged? Unfortunately, a lot of things c...
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6 head lice symptoms to look out for in your child

Head lice are unwanted pests that live in your hair where they lay egg...
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Can a hair straightener really kill nits?

Can a hair straightener really kill nits or is it just a myth? Have yo...
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How to use a nit comb in 10 easy steps

If your child has come home with head lice or nits, it can be daunting...
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