When you’re diagnosed with diabetes it can mean a huge lifestyle change as you get used to changing your diet and routine. Managing diabetes can mean a lot of trial and error as you and your doctor work out the best ways for you to keep your blood glucose levels where they need to be, so learning as much as you can about the condition can help you to make good choices alongside your medical team. This section of our site is dedicated to diabetes advice and information about the different blood glucose meters available, helping you to learn more about the condition and how to monitor your blood glucose by yourself.

Diabetes Advice & Guides

FreeStyle Libre 2 vs FreeStyle Libre 3

Managing your diabetes can be tricky, and keeping an eye on your blood...
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10 tips to eat well with diabetes

Diabetes can sometimes be tricky to manage, especially when you are un...
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Diabetes - Symptoms, Prevention & Treatment

Diabetes is a medical condition that causes a person’s blood sugar l...
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Abbott initiates voluntary recall for certain FreeStyle Libre 2 Sensors in UK

Abbott is initiating a voluntary recall of certain FreeStyle Libre 2 s...
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7 major differences between flash and continuous glucose monitoring (CGM)

What is the difference between flash glucose monitoring and CGM? As th...
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How to Use the Contour® Next One

So, you’ve picked up a lovely Contour® Ne...

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