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Acid Reflux is a type of indigestion which causes your excess stomach acid to move upwards into your oesophagus, where it can cause irritation. This causes symptoms like heartburn, bad breath, a sore throat, and more and can keep you from enjoying some of your favourite foods.

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How do acid reflux & heartburn treatments work?

You can usually manage acid reflux by managing your diet or using over the counter medications like antacids, but sometimes they just won’t be enough to ease your symptoms.

If this happens to you, prescription medications like omeprazole, esomeprazole and lansoprazole can help to reduce your stomach acid production and prevent heartburn and other symptoms by treating their cause.

Taking as few as just one tablet a day may be all you’ll need to control your symptoms, giving your irritated food pipe time to heal from the damage your excess stomach acid has caused.

If you find that certain foods, like chocolate, coffee, spicy foods, or fatty foods, tend to trigger your acid reflux symptoms you may find that a prescription treatment can help you to enjoy the delicious foods you’ve avoided while your indigestion has been making your mealtimes feel like a game of trick or treat.