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Privacy policy

These Terms should be read in conjunction with our Privacy Policy. You agree that we may collect, store and use information about you in accordance with our Privacy Policy and acknowledge and agree to be legally bound by the terms of our Privacy Policy.

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If you have any queries or complaints or would like to link to this website or request further information, please contact us.


The contents of any email sent from Chemist4U / Innox Trading Ltd and any attachments may be privileged, confidential and protected by copyright. If they are received in error let us know and do not use it nor retain it nor copy it. While all efforts are made to safeguard emails, we cannot guarantee that any attachments are virus free or compatible with the recipient’s systems and does not accept liability in respect of viruses or computer problems experienced. We reserve the right to monitor all email communications through its internal and external networks.


Terms and conditions

Version 1.1: April 2018

The legal basis of the service


"You or yours" refers to yourself who has submitted your personal information on this website agreeing to use the pharmacy only medication questionnaire service (“consultation”), nomination to the pharmacy and/or purchases on "We or our" refers to Innox Trading Ltd, incorporated in England and Wales with registered number 07262043 whose registered office is at 35 – 37 Greenhey Place, Skelmersdale, Lancashire, WN8 9SA."Website" means the linked pages of that allow general purchases, nomination for dispensing of NHS prescriptions and online consultation questions to be performed for the purpose of providing and supplying “Pharmacy Only” medication.


You declare you wish to purchase items through, register your nomination for dispensing of NHS prescriptions, and/or to take part in the Online Pharmacy Questionnaire service operated by Innox Trading Ltd through the website. Purchase of items through, registration of your nomination for dispensing of NHS prescriptions, and/or to taking part in the Online Pharmacy Questionnaire service is subject to the terms and conditions set out in this agreement.

You undertake that all information provided by you is correct and true. Medication is provided in accordance with the information you provide to our pharmacist(s)/accuracy checking technicians through assessments on the website and by web-messages, email, SMS and by telephone. We, therefore, take no liability for loss or damage arising from our service or medication prescribed if you supply incorrect or incomplete information.

You agree to inform your GP about medication supplied and advice was given to you through the website. We are not liable for damages which arise from your failure to inform your GP or other healthcare professional about the treatment you receive from the website. We are not liable for any damages which result from your failure to follow the advice given on the website.

You accept the advice that the website does not replace your GP and that you should consult with your GP and other health care professionals when you are advised and as the need arises. You undertake to read carefully all product packaging and patient information leaflets supplied with your medication. In the event that you do not fully understand the questions in the assessment part of the website or are unsure how you should answer those questions or you do not fully understand the advice or information given to you on the website, you will seek clarification from the pharmacy team.

In the event, your medicine appears to be damaged or wrongly dispensed or delivery is delayed you agree to contact the dispensing pharmacy (Chemist4U) to seek advice and replacement as required. In regards to private and NHS prescriptions issued in your name from your GP, private healthcare provider or similar, are sent by you / on your behalf to our registered UK pharmacy for a pharmacist to dispense the medication specified and post it to you at the delivery address you provide.

You are responsible for paying the pharmacy for dispensing if not exempt (specific to the case of NHS prescriptions) and supply of medication and agree we will make a disbursement on your behalf to cover this cost. Pharmacy only medicines are provided entirely at the discretion of the pharmacist. Innox Trading Ltd cannot guarantee a consultation with a pharmacist on the website will result in a pharmacy only medication being provided.

If any of these terms are held to be invalid or unenforceable then the validity and enforceability of the remaining provisions shall not be affected. You give your consent for information about yourself, your health and your current medications including, but not limited to, the information you divulge as part of the online consultation assessment to be viewed and exchanged by and between Innox Trading Ltd’s employees and pharmacists working on Innox Trading Ltd's behalf for the purpose of conducting a medicinal suitability consultation(s). You understand this information may be exchanged electronically for the provisions of the service.

All services provided by this Website and other Innox Trading Ltd technologies are provided on a 'best endeavours' basis. Consultations made electronically from this Website will be forwarded to a pharmacist as soon as possible. Due to the range of third-party networks and innovative technology used for this transmission we are unable to guarantee a time of arrival of the consultation information for a pharmacist’s attention or absolutely guarantee that it will arrive at all. We are not responsible for the failure of third party companies' inability to deliver medicines to the correct address or within any particular time or date. You are responsible for receiving packages containing medicines but confirmation of delivery from provided postal delivery service/courier used by means of scan tracking, signature, GPS or alike, resulting from receipt by third parties at the delivery address given by yourself will be deemed to be receipt of the medicines.

You are responsible for providing valid credit or debit card details which may be charged if you are not exempt from payment. We reserve the right to not deliver medicines to you if your payment details have expired or are invalid in any way. In such cases, we will attempt to contact you in such instances to enable you to provide updated information. Payments are processed by (recurrent/stored details) on a 'single payment authority' basis, not allowing for further payments, but allowing refunds to your payment card if necessary.

All information provided by you will be treated securely and strictly in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998 and the EU GDPR directive. Innox Trading Ltd and its directors or related companies shall not be liable for any losses or claims arising directly or indirectly from use of this website or its services except that this exclusion of liability does not apply to any damages in connection with death or personal injury caused by the negligence of Innox Trading Ltd, its directors or employees.

Your use of this website is governed by English Law and subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the English courts. Innox Trading Ltd has taken care in the preparation of the content of this website. To the fullest extent permitted by the law, Innox Trading Ltd disclaims all warranties of any kind with respect to the content of this website.


Privacy policy

Version 1.1: April 2018


Innox Trading Ltd is committed to the highest standards of data privacy and protection. We collect personal information required to process and deliver your request for healthcare, and standard technical information to better understand how our website is used.

The lawful basis for processing data

Personal health and medical data is a special category of data and subject to specific provisions and exemptions. The lawful basis for processing data is as follows:

  • GDPR Article 6 (1)(c): processing is necessary for compliance with a legal obligation.
    Innox Trading Ltd is legally obliged to abide by regulations governing healthcare which require accurate medical records.
  • GDPR Article 9 (h): processing of special categories of personal data
    Specifically: processing is necessary for the purposes of preventive or occupational medicine, ... medical diagnosis, the provision of health or social care or treatment ...

Innox Trading Ltd does NOT rely on user consent to lawfully process their data. Consent cannot be effectively withdrawn as Electronic patient records must not be destroyed or deleted for the foreseeable future.
NHS Choices - How long should medical records (health records) be kept for?
Requesting consent on a lawful basis would, therefore, be misleading.


This privacy statement applies to Innox Trading Ltd (the 'data controller') trading as Chemist4U. Please contact the data officer Mr James O’Loan, Data Privacy Officer Director for any issues regarding your personal data. We respect your privacy and are transparent about how your data is collected, stored, processed, and shared. 

We abide by all current data regulation – see our < >Information Commissioner's Office's Register Entry Report certificate details here.

Information required to provide treatment

Innox Trading Ltd provides health advice and treatment by remote and postal service and must abide by the legal requirements for the supply of General Sales List, Pharmacy only and Prescription only medicine, and the collection, processing, and sharing of data is necessary for compliance. These legal requirements include confirming your identity, keeping accurate personal and medical records, and informing your regular doctor of treatment provided where necessary.

Confirming your identity

To confirm a person's identity for a prescription requires the correct following information:

  • Gender (at birth)
  • Full first name and surname
  • Date of birth
  • Postcode – Full address we can verify with the NHS Spine or financial records

Where identity cannot be sufficiently verified (for private prescriptions) with the NHS Spine or financial records, additional proof of identity will be required, such as providing a copy of a photo identity document (passport, driving licence, national identity card, 18+ card). Once identity has been established customers re-confirm their identity each time contact is made with the pharmacy.

Medical records

To request treatment by a pharmacy only medications requires customers to answer medical questions. The answers to these questions are recorded and form part of the medical consultation with our pharmacist(s). The previous pharmacy only medications supplied are considered when providing new purchases, and also form part of the customer sales record.

Treatment by NHS or private prescriptions may require the patient/representative/GP/private doctor to confirm test results, medicines use reviews (consented), new medication services (consented), in addition to their nomination to the pharmacy (consented). All prescriptions processed will remain part of the patient medication record for the foreseeable future (as above).

Confidential messages

Doctors, carers, other healthcare staff or administrators may request or respond to additional information from the patient. This information also forms part of the patient record.


Effective communication is required to facilitate the provision of healthcare remotely, and, is achieved by customers providing their email and telephone number(s). Primary communication is via email, with secondary contact by phone or SMS. Sensitive details are not sent by email, unless requested via email where consent to reply via email is implied, unless stated otherwise. Sensitive information is typically discussed via a phone call where appropriate to ensure confidentiality.


Customers provide a payment card billing address and delivery address if different. Each address provided will be stored and recorded.

Your GP details

Customers should keep their regular GP/doctor informed of treatment provided by Innox Trading Ltd. This ensures your regular doctor is aware of all treatments you are using, particularly important if a new treatment or supplementary treatment is purchased. If there is a reason to believe there is a compliance, safety or abuse of medication, your GP may be contacted to confirm the viability of the medication.

Changes to patient data

Any change made to patient data is recorded (what data, when changed, and by whom).

Pharmacy records

Our pharmacy additionally enters patient and prescription data into a pharmacy dispensing system which serves as an independent record of treatment supplied on NHS and private prescriptions and is standard practice for UK registered pharmacies. The Pharmacy (Chemist4U) retains private prescriptions in accordance to GPhC standards.


Automated notification emails are sent to users:

  • When placing an order
  • Delivery updates from Royal Mail

Manual email notifications from Innox Trading Ltd / Chemist4U regarding requests for prescriptions are required in order to provide an effective service. Customers using the service cannot opt out of receiving these emails.

Supplementary emails

When registering an account with Chemist4U customers are given the option to subscribe to an email service which will end multiple emails weekly on average using a 3rd party mailing provider. Customers agree that data, including email address, first name, and last name, share when opting to receive emails. Each email sent will include a simple method to unsubscribe from the mailing. Customers can request their data is permanently deleted from external servers, please contact the data officer. Innox Trading Ltd reserves the right to send non-commercial mass emails regarding drug safety and important service updates to all registered users of the service.

Support and administration

Innox Trading Ltd employees use Office365 to administer the service including Outlook365 for managing support emails.

Visitor tracking and websites use Google Analytics website visitor tracking service to enable us to understand how users interact with our website and improve our service, and also to report on trends and sales. You can find out more about how this service works by visiting Google Analytics Overview Browser can be configured or add-ons can be downloaded to opt out of Google Analytics if customers prefer. Our website server also retains similar technical and geographical visitor data for a period of 7 days only.

Cookie use policy

Visiting or websites will result in cookies being stored on your computer or mobile device's web browser. These cookies support and facilitate customers to use the service. By using these websites, you consent to these cookies being installed on your device. For further information, including details on how to remove cookies, please read our full cookie policy.

Retention of your data

Your data will be retained for up to 3 years in a secure data centre, as required by regulation regarding healthcare provision. This also protects both the patient, pharmacy and doctor in case of legal proceedings.  The NHS Choices page < >How long should medical records (health records) be kept for? states Electronic patient records must not be destroyed or deleted for the foreseeable future. Customer’s online account with Chemist4U login can be disabled, and/or, their nomination to the pharmacy to dispense their NHS prescriptions can be removed on request, however.

Automated decision making

The medical questionnaires for each treatment area will automatically exclude customers from requesting treatment if the following is identified:

  • Contraindicated
  • 'Red flag' signs and symptoms
  • Incorrect gender
  • Excessive order quantities

Where the remote provision of treatment is not suitable, customers/customers are advised to contact their regular doctor or visit a health centre. Customers can seek advice, and, discuss symptoms and treatment with our pharmacy team or pharmacist(s) via a secure email system or telephone.

Patient and customer access to data

Customers and customers can access and update their personal online profile by logging-in to their Chemist4U account. Customers and customers can access and update their medical / NHS records by contacting the pharmacy directly by phone or email. Customers can request a copy of all stored data relating to themselves by contacting the Data Officer. The data will be provided in a common format for portability to other data systems.

Who has access to the personal data we collect?

Please review the data sharing policy for full details. 3rd party organisations process data provided by Innox Trading Ltd solely for the purpose of delivering or supporting the healthcare service provided. All organisations operate strict UK/EU compliant confidentiality, privacy, and data protection procedures. Innox Trading Ltd has not and will never sell any patient data to third parties.


People with concerns about privacy and data held by Innox Trading Ltd should contact the data officer, Mr Shamir Patel, Superintendent-Director in the first instance. If the response is not to your satisfaction you can make a complaint with the Information Commissioner's Office.

EU General Data Protection Regulation

The EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is now a legal requirement in the UK. Compliance required by 25 May 2018 (date of enforcement). The GDPR includes the following rights for individuals:

  • the right to be informed
  • the right of access
  • the right to rectification
  • the right to erasure
  • the right to restrict processing
  • the right to data portability
  • the right to object
  • the right not to be subject to automated decision-making including profiling

If you wish to exercise any of these rights, please contact the data officer. Please note GDPR regulation provides exceptions to these rights in relation to health, where the retention of data is required for legitimate medical and legal reasons.


Data security


Chemist4U (Innox Trading Ltd) uses high-level data encryption to ensure our customer's data is not compromised in transit or 'at rest' on the server. Data entry and retrieval is encrypted using an SSL certificate provided by Cloudflare and secured by ComodoSSL, a leading SSL Certificate Authority. This ensures that no one else can read or change information as it travels over the internet. SSL certificates give users confidence they are interacting with a trusted website and their information is secure. SSL certificates trigger modern web browsers to display the name of an organisation (Innox Trading Ltd) in green in the browser address bar and give details of the Certificate Authority (Cloudflare) that issued it. ComodoSSL uses an audited and rigorous authentication method, and browsers control the display of the green bar, making it difficult for phishers and counterfeiters to hijack the Chemist4U brand. Look for the green bar and locked padlock in your browser to indicate a secure and encrypted connection to


Our server software is continually monitored and updated by our hosting company AWS, an award-winning, government approved, provider.


Personal online security

Customers using the Chemist4U service take responsibility for their own personal online security. For advice please visit the Get Safe Online service.

  • If your email account(s) is compromised it can be used to gain access to your Chemist4U online account; it cannot be used to gain access to your medical records. Chemist4U does not send sensitive personal details by email unless requested by the patient/customer, but it is recommended to delete any emails no longer needed.
  • Use unique passwords, with a mix of numbers, letters (lower and uppercase), preferably at least 12 characters long.
  • Change passwords regularly.
  • Install anti-virus software on your computer and keep up-to-date.
  • Keep the operating system and browser software up-to-date.
  • Do not save passwords on the web browser on shared computers.
  • Remember to log-out of your Chemist4U account when finished.
  • Use a pin code or fingerprint ID to access your personal devices.
  • Check your security and privacy settings on your browser, paying particular attention to the saving of websites visited.
  • Carefully check the URL (shown in browser address bar) of any website you visit to determine it is authentic.

Older web browsers


The website has phased out support for older web browsers due to potential vulnerabilities with browsers using TLS 1.0 protocol. We advise all users to upgrade to newer versions. To see if your web browser will be affected please visit this link. If you cannot access the page, then we advise upgrading your browser.


PCI Compliant


Customer's payment card details are not stored on our servers (payment security).


Personal and private information

We fully understand our customers are concerned with the security of their personal and private data and we take every measure possible to ensure it is never at risk. Innox Trading Ltd abides by the Data Protection Act – our Information Commissioner's Office's Register Entry Report certificate registration number is ZA171163 (renews 15 March annually). The new < >GDPR law which came into force in May 2018 and Innox Trading Ltd is now compliant. Please also see our Privacy Policy statement.


Company structure

Chemist4U is owned and operated by the UK registered company Innox Trading Ltd. Company No. 7262043. The registered office of the company: 35-37 Greenhey Place, Skelmersdale, Lancashire, WN8 9SA. The domain name is registered to Innox Trading Ltd.


Payment security


The Chemist4U website uses Axcess Merchant Services, a leading independent Payment Service Provider, and Amazon Pay to process credit and debit card payments. All sensitive payment card information is encrypted using the most sophisticated e-payment software available and is sent to the bank for instant authorisation via the Axcess Merchant Services network of payment gateways. Transactions normally take a few seconds to be processed and at no time are your payment card details at risk from cybercriminals.

For more information about Axcess Merchant Services please visit their website at or call +44 (0)113 344 3850. We accept payments by debit or credit card: Visa, Mastercard, Electron and Maestro. If for any reason your order is declined by the pharmacist, or you cancel the order after making a payment, then a refund will be automatically made to the same payment card. Payments are processed on a 'single payment authority' basis, not allowing for further automatic recurring payments, but allowing refunds to your payment card if necessary. The server is scanned regularly for vulnerabilities and all sensitive data is encrypted before being transmitted between your browser and server – further information on data security. Payment card details are not stored on the server.

Data sharing policy

Version 1.1: April 2018


Innox Trading Ltd is committed to the highest standards of data privacy and protection. We share your information with organisations as required solely for the purpose of processing your request for treatment and providing healthcare. This data sharing policy applies to Innox Trading Ltd (the 'data controller') trading as Chemist4U.

Who might have access to the personal data we collect?

Innox Trading Ltd has not and will never sell any patient data to third parties. The following organisations may process data provided by Innox Trading Ltd solely for the purpose of providing or supporting the Innox Trading Ltd healthcare service. All organisations operate strict UK/EU compliant confidentiality, privacy, and data protection procedures.

  1. Innox Trading Ltd staff.
    Data processed: full data access.
  2. The Pharmacy fulfilling patient orders. All pharmacies UK-based and GPhC registered.
    Data processed: name, address, gender, date of birth (DOB), telephone, email address, prescription details.
  3. Delivery companies Royal Mail, DPD, P2P.
    Data processed: title/gender, name, address, telephone.
  4. Doctor's surgeries as requested by customers or required by Innox Trading Ltd dispensing and sale of pharmacy only medication protocols and with patient's consent.
    Data processed: title/gender, name, address, telephone, DOB, prescription details.
  5. AWS - website hosting company (AWS staff policy is not to access customer data).
    Data processed: all data.
  6. Axcess Merchant Services - service used to process payments.
    Data processed: title/gender, name, email address, payment card details including payment card address.
  7. Office365Dropbox< >Google Analytics - used by Innox Trading Ltd for email communications (Outlook), file & document storage, and website visitor statistics
    Data processed: email address, details sent by a patient/customer by email to Innox Trading Ltd, and files sent by email. Internal Innox Trading Ltd report documents may include anonymised patient details. Visitor statistics provided by Google Analytics include: types and versions of device, operating system, web browser, geographical country location of visitor, referring web page, gender and age range of visitor, search term used to find Innox Trading Ltd website, IP address and network, pages visited on Innox Trading Ltd websites, record of purchase.
  8. 24x SMS SMS text sending service.
    Data processed: telephone number.
  9. Trustpilot - review collection service.
    Data processed: email address, order number, review text submitted.
  10. Survey Monkey - customer satisfaction survey and contact form provider - for customers that choose to complete these.
    Data processed: IP address plus anonymised survey feedback, and data entered into the contact form.
  11. Hello Telecom – VOIP phone service.
    Data processing: verbal details exchanged on Innox Trading Ltd customer support telephone 01695 47 44 33 may be recorded electronically.
  12. GPhC - UK healthcare regulators, when required for audit and inspection purposes.
    Data processed: full data access.
  13. Police - official 'Personal data requests' from Police forces will be considered subject to GMC guidance on patient confidentiality.
    Data processed: as requested.

Sending personal data by email

Customers or customers that send emails containing or requesting personal data to Innox Trading Ltd consent to receive their personal data in a reply email sent to the 'reply to' email address of original, unless specifically requested to be supplied by some other method, by agreeing to this data sharing policy. Please note email is generally not considered a secure method to send confidential data.

Please contact the Data Officer for any issues regarding your personal data.

NHS login

Please note that if you access our service using your NHS login details, the identity verification services are managed by NHS Digital. NHS Digital is the controller for any personal information you provided to NHS Digital to get an NHS login account and verify your identity, and uses that personal information solely for that single purpose. For this personal information, our role is a “processor” only and we must act under the instructions provided by NHS Digital (as the “controller”) when verifying your identity. To see NHS Digital’s Privacy Notice and Terms and Conditions, please click here. This restriction does not apply to the personal information you provide to us separately.

Cookie policy uses cookies and similar small bits of software to improve the performance and enhance the user experience of The use of cookies is common practice on the majority of websites. Without these cookies, many of the functions required to enable our users to make purchases would not be available. We specifically do NOT use cookies to store sensitive details regarding consultations or medicine viewed or ordered.


By using the website, you have implied consent for the cookies listed below to be installed. is currently implementing a more comprehensive cookie policy in-line with ICO cookie regulation.

What are cookies?

Cookies are small text files which a website may put on your computer or mobile device's website browser when you first visit a site or page. The cookie will help the website, or another third party website or online services such as Google Analytics or Facebook, to recognise your browser the next time you visit. Certain cookies contain personal information. Most cookies won't collect information that identifies you personally, and will instead collect more general information such as how users arrive at and use the website or a user's general geographical location. Further information on cookies and how to delete or block cookies on your browser.

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The Privacy Notice

When you collect personal data from a data subject you must provide the data subject with relevant information; the Privacy Notice. This should be available on the pharmacy premises, for example, in a poster or the practice leaflet, and, if appropriate, on the pharmacy website; and you should draw the attention of new customers to the Privacy Notice. Draft shorter and longer forms of notice are as follows.

Chemist4U of 35-37 Greenhey Place, Skelmersdale, Lancashire, WN8 9SA – PHARMACY PRIVACY NOTICE

We process your personal data, which includes your name, contact details, prescription medicines and data from other pharmacy and health care services we provide to you (including, for example, pharmacy medicines, medicine use reviews, flu vaccinations and stop smoking services) for the purposes of:

Your care – providing pharmacy services and care to you and, as appropriate, sharing your information with your GP and others in the wider NHS;

Our payments – sharing your information with the NHS Business Services Authority, others in the wider NHS, and sometimes Local Authorities, and only limited information to those external to the NHS who negotiate and check the accuracy of our payments; and,

Management – sharing only limited information with the NHS Business Services Authority and others in the wider NHS, and sometimes Local Authorities; as well as those external to the NHS who ensure we maintain appropriate professional and service standards and that your declarations and ours are accurate.

We hold your information for as long as advised by the NHS. You have a right to a copy of the information we hold about you, generally without charge. You may seek to correct any inaccurate information.

We process your personal data in the performance of a task in the public interest, for the provision of health care and treatment and the management of healthcare systems. A pharmacist is responsible for the confidentiality of your information. You may object to us holding your information. You may also lodge a complaint with the Information Commissioner's Office, Wycliffe House, Water Lane, Wilmslow, Cheshire SK9 5AF. Please ask if you want more information.

Our Data Protection Officer is James O’Loan