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Foot odour is caused by sweat build-up and wearing the same shoes moreSee less

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Frequently Asked Questions

There are a number of ways to eliminate your foot odour, and we have the products available to help you do just that.


We have sprays to kill the bacteria causing foot odour, dry out your sweat and neutralise odour to leave your shoes and feet smelling great again.

Your feet produce more sweat than the rest of your body, but teenagers and pregnant women are more prone to excessive sweating due to the changes in hormones.


Some bacteria live on the feet naturally, and when this sweat and bacteria mixes, it can cause a foul-smelling odour.


You’ll get extra bacteria on your feet when you don’t allow sweaty shoes to fully dry out, increasing the bad smell.


Poor hygiene can cause foot odour, like not washing your feet enough or changing your socks at least once per day causes extra bacteria to form.

You’re more likely to develop foot odour if you’re on your feet all day, are pregnant, in your teens, if you’re exerting yourself, or you’re known to sweat excessively.


But anyone can get foot odour, for example, if you practice poor hygiene or you don’t change your shoes often enough.

You wouldn’t go a week without showering, so we shouldn’t go a week without checking the health of our feet - they work hard carrying us around all day, after all!


Make sure that there aren’t any sores, cuts, swelling or infections, like athlete’s foot or a fungal nail.


Clean them thoroughly when you shower or bathe, but be careful not to dry them out.


Afterwards, lather them in moisturising lotion and trim your toenails if needed, as it can be painful if they get too long and become ingrown.


Finally, always pick comfortable, supportive shoes if you’re on your feet all day.