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Advice on Coughs, Colds, and Flu

Colds and the flu can make the winter months a real pain (unless, of course, you’re dealing with a summer cold - typical!), so you need some tips and tricks to help you make it through flu season.

We’ve written lots of guides about colds, flu, and all of the many different types of cough that you could get stuck with when you’ve picked up a bug.

We’ve covered everything from how to manage specific symptoms, to the best medicines to help you feel better when you’ve caught the lurgy.

If you’ve got the sniffles and you know that a cold is coming on, we can help to give you the information you need to make it as bearable as possible.

Fever: Symptoms, treatments, types, and causes
In this latest article, Chemist4U discusses everything you need to know about fevers from how to take your temperature with a thermometer, common symptoms and when you should seek medical attention.Read More
What is Anosmia?

Does something smell funny in here? Well, how would you know? You have anosmia!

If you’re suffering from a loss of taste or smell then you may be experiencing anosmia, but why does it happen and what can you do about it?

Keep reading to find out.

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10 Weird Ways to Use Vicks Vaporub

Vicks Vaporub is something that most people have in their medicine cabinet, ready and waiting to fly into action when a cough or a cold is threatening to strike.

It’s been one of our favourite remedies for years, but can it be used for more than just a cold?

People have come up with some weird and wonderful ways to use Vicks Vaporub, some of them work like a charm and others… well, we’ll see! 

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What Are the Best Cold and Flu Medicines for Me?

When you feel the effects of the common cold or flu, which you will as there’s no cure and it is contagious, you will be looking for relief from the symptoms. These include a blocked or a runny nose, a sore throat, sneezing, a headache, a raised temperature, or a cough. The good news is, there is a wide range of treatments out there that will help provide relief for these symptoms and help you get over the cold or flu.

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10 Ways to Avoid Catching the Office Cold

You can’t get sick. You tell yourself this every year as you’re stocking up on vitamin C and hand sanitiser gel, you absolutely cannot get sick. And yet you do.

That's why we’ve asked our very own registered pharmacist, Shamir Patel, for some tips and tricks that will help you to make it through the winter months without catching the office cold.

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Freshers Flu: Myth or Menace?

Is Freshers' Flu a real thing or just the figment of the imagination?

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Best Medicines for Dry, Chesty, Tickly or Mucus Coughs

Having a cough is never a good thing. A cough can often lead to other problems, such as a sore throat. Dealing with a cough can be difficult when there are different types of a cough and knowing which one you are suffering from can make all the difference when it comes to treating it.

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