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Free reminder before you run out and free delivery to an address that suits you. Our friendly UK based health care team are just a call away if you need any help or advice.

How our repeat prescription service works

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I declare that the patient does not have to pay NHS prescription charges, is properly entitled to exemption and that the information is true and complete. I also declare that if the entitlement changes, I will tell Chemist4U immediately on 01695 474433, and I understand that if I do not do so, appropriate action may be taken.

I understand the services you provide and want to register to use them. I understand EPS nomination and nominate you to collect my prescriptions on my behalf either via EPS or direct from my GP. I understand that by signing this from I give permission for my prescriptions and information about my repeat medicines to be sent electronically between my doctor and Chemist4U

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Frequently asked questions
I pay for my prescriptions; how can I pay for my prescription with you?

If you pay for your prescriptions, there are a number of ways to pay:

  • NHS Prescription Prepayment - Buy a 3 or 12-month prepayment online and save yourself money.
  • Phone call - Call us and we will take your details.
  • Direct link - we can send you a direct button link via email which will let you pay on your card.
  • Online - You can pay on our website by clicking the link here.
Do I still need to request my prescription from my GP?

Yes, you will still need to request your repeat prescriptions from your GP when you use our service. When you request your prescription, your GP will need to approve it and send it through to us electronically. When your GP has sent your prescription to us, our pharmacy team will get to work making sure that it will be with you as quickly as possible. Simply request your prescription however you usually would and we'll take it from there.

What do I need to do differently?

Absolutely nothing! You'll request your prescription exactly as you always would, the only difference is that instead of sitting around in your local chemist waiting for them to hand over your prescription, you can sit at home, relax, have a cup of tea and wait for Chemist 4 U you deliver your prescription right to your door. It really is that simple!

How will my prescription be sent out?

When you order your prescription, it takes 2 working days for your doctor to sign and send us your pescription(s). We process and dispatch your prescription on the same day by local courier or Royal Mail delivery depending on where you live (subject to stock and cut off times.)

Can I get my prescription sent to a different address?

Yes, you can specify a different address than your main address should you need to. To do this, contact us immediately after you have given your prescription order to your GP. This allows us enough time to change the delivery address on your prescription so that it will go to the right address without any problems.

What if I'm not at home when you deliver my prescription?

We use letterbox friendly packaging whenever we can, so if you're not home your prescription can still be delivered as usual. However, we understand that this isn't right for everyone, especially those with young children or pets at home, which is why we need your consent before we can post your prescription through your letterbox. There's a section on our registration form where you can tell us if it's okay for us to deliver your prescription when you can't answer the door, or whether you'd rather we kept hold of it until you would be able to accept the delivery.

If you're not home when your prescription arrives and you don't want us to post it through your letterbox, then you will receive a red card through your door which will tell you that we tried to deliver. This is exactly the same as any other parcel that cannot be delivered, and your red card will tell you what you need to do next so that your prescription can be redelivered at a time that's right for you. Alternatively, if you've nominated a safe place for delivery with Royal Mail, we will try to leave your package there instead.

What if I need my medication urgently?

Our Chemist 4 U team are super quick and we'll get your prescription out to you within 2 working days after we receive it from your doctor, but what if you need your medication right now? If you're ordering a prescription that you need right away, for example, an antibiotic that you want to start taking today, you can ask your GP to print out your prescription so you can take it to your local pharmacist. This way, you can get your urgent prescription as soon as you need it, and we can continue sending out your repeat prescriptions whenever you request them from your GP - it's the best of both worlds!