If you’re suffering with foot pain, a pair of insoles could be just what you need. Read More See less

Insoles are pieces of padded material that are placed inside shoes to provide extra comfort and help to relieve pressure on the feet. We have a wide range of options available right here, including gel, deodourising or even fleece insoles from well-known brands like Scholl and Carnation.

  1. Scholl Gel Activ Sport Insoles For Women - 1 Pair

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  2. Scholl Party Feet Heel Shields - 1 Pair

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    Scholl Womens Gel Activ Everyday - 1 Pair

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I choose the right insole?

Choosing the right insoles depends on why you’re choosing to wear insoles in the first place.


If you’re wearing insoles because your shoes are slightly too big, a full insole or heel grip could improve the fit.


If you’re wearing them because you’re dealing with foot pain, particularly in heeled shoes, a ball of foot insole could provide relief.


If you have structural issues in your feet, you should speak to a podiatrist for expert advice, as you may need a custom-fitted insole.

Should you clean insoles?

The inside of your shoes can easily get sweaty over time, so it’s a good idea to clean your insoles every now and again.


Always follow the manufacturer's instructions on how to clean your specific insoles, but typically, you’ll most likely want to hand wash your insoles with a mild detergent.


You can also prevent odour by removing your insoles from your shoes every day to let them dry out.

Who might need insoles?

Insoles can be beneficial for lots of people, including those who spend a lot of time standing up at work every day.


Other people who would benefit from insoles are those with structural issues in their feet or foot pain.


They’re also handy to put in shoes that are slightly too big.

What is the best way to care for your feet?

You wouldn’t go a week without showering, so we shouldn’t go a week without checking the health of our feet - they work hard carrying us around all day, after all!


Make sure that there aren’t any sores, cuts, swelling or infections, like athlete’s foot or a fungal nail.


Clean them thoroughly when you shower or bathe, but be careful not to dry them out.


Afterwards, lather them in moisturising lotion and trim your toenails if needed, as it can be painful if they get too long and become ingrown.


Finally, always pick comfortable, supportive shoes if you’re on your feet all day.

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