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    Just For Men M35 Moustache and Beard Facial Hair Color Medium Brown
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    Just For Men Moustache & Beard Brush-In Colour Gel Real Black M-55
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    Just For Men Moustache & Beard Dark Brown-Black M-45
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    BRISTLR Beard Shaping Tool
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Regular shampoo strips away the oils in your hair and whilst some people may say this is a bad thing, people prefer not to have oily or greasy hair - and that's fine for your head but not your beard.


Quite simply, beard shampoos are not formulated with the harmful chemicals that strip out your natural sebum oils.


Instead, they are designed to soothe any irritated areas, help maintain moisture and allow for ease of grooming.

You use specially formulated products for your skin and hair, so you should have the correct products to look after your beard.


Whether you’re just starting out or you already have the beard of your dreams, it’s a good idea to invest in the following:


  • - Cleanser or shampoo to keep your beard clean and free from bacteria (you’ll get some food stuck in there throughout the day)
  • - An exfoliating scrub to ensure the hair follicles don’t become ingrown
  • - Beard conditioner, oil or moisturiser (depending on your skin type - if you’ve got oily, acne-prone skin, using oil can cause a flare-up)
  • - Beard comb

If you’ve got a ginger beard but don’t have ginger hair on your head, you might be wondering why - especially if the ginger gene doesn’t run in your family.


Research suggests it’s down to a combination of genes, and one in particular, the MC1R gene.


MC1R plays a key role in giving people red hair, so when a person has a ginger beard but not ginger hair, it’s because they have a mutated version of the MC1R gene.

Beard balms to your beard are what moisturisers are to your skin.

They condition and hydrate your beard, leaving it looking healthier and providing a light hold that keeps your style in place.

They can also moisturise the sensitive skin beneath your beard, but don’t leave your beard looking greasy. If you’ve got a beard, you need a beard balm!