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Why should I subscribe to the Chemist4U newsletter?

Our emails are awesome! A lot of hard work goes in to building our emails and making them relevant to you. We know you want to be notified about sales, discount codes, or coupons. So we pick out all of our top deals, offers that might be of interest you, along with items you might like, our top sellers and all the new items we've listed recently. We also know that not everyone wants to receive deals, deals, deals. So we also send out a wide range of advice you can trust, all written in-house and checked for accuracy by our pharmacists.

I subscribed but I haven't received any emails!

We're sorry to hear that! Before you try to contact us, please check your spam folder or promotions folder. If a Chemist4U email is there, then please add it to your inbox and add us as a contact - that way all future emails will get straight to your inbox. If not, try to subscribe again using the form on this page. Please make sure that you click the link on the confirmation email in order to complete your subscription.

I'd like to unsubscribe from your newsletter

We'll be sorry to see you go but we completely understand. You can unsubscribe by entering your email address on this form and pressing submit. Please beware that you may continue to receive some emails confirming your subscription status and related to your order. All emails contain unsubscribe links at the bottom of the email. Alternatively, simply contact us and we'll suppress your email from our database.

Where is your privacy policy?

Links to our privacy policy and terms and conditions are located in the footer of our website.

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