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No matter how you like your body and facial hair, keeping it neat and looking good can be tricky. Read More See less

Luckily, electric shavers and epilators can take the hassle out of hair removal and trimming. Whether you’re all about a close, clean shave, or just want a quick trim to neaten up, our range of electric shavers and epilators for men and women can keep you looking your best for less.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What different types of curlers are available?

There are lots of different types of curling irons on the market, and the right ones for you will depend on your hair and what you want from it.


Our favourites include:


  • Barrel curling iron — the tried and true, you can get these in lots of different sizes, so you can choose one that will suit your hair the most.
  • Tapered curling wand — if you like to switch up your look every day, this one’s for you. Use the thinner end of the wand for tighter bouncier curls and the thicker end for looser, more relaxed curls.
  • Triple barrel curling iron — Perfect for soft, beachy waves in longer hair.
  • Chopstick curlers — The thinnest of the thin, think tight, corkscrew curls.
  • Curling irons with a clamp — Perfect for beginners, the clamp holds your hair in place while you curl, making it easier than other curlers and helping you to avoid burns.

Which curlers work for short hair?

Finding the right curlers for short hair can be tricky, whether you’re looking for a curling wand or rollers.


If you have short hair you’re usually going to need a curling wand with a thinner barrel or smaller-sized rollers, as these will give your hair a tighter curl.


If you’ve tried to curl your hair with a thicker wand, you may have found that your hair just doesn’t go far enough around the barrel for it to make the difference you want it to, which is why thinner curlers could work more effectively for you.


If you’re not sure what kind of look you’re going for, try a curling iron with a tapered barrel or a pack of rollers in different sizes.


These will give you more options as you find the perfect curl for your short hair.

What are the best hair straighteners for me?

The best straighteners for you will depend on your hair type, hair length, and the kind of style you’re looking to create.


If you have long hair and are looking for a smooth, sleek style, you could look for straighteners with wider heating plates, which can straighten more of your hair out more quickly.


If you want the option of straight, curly, or wavy hair you may try a thinner pair, which would give you the versatility you need when styling your hair.


If you’re worried about heat damage or have damaged or brittle hair, look for straighteners with manual temperature settings, so you can turn down the heat and give your hair a break.

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