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For persons suffering with or prone to hayfever, allergies; various non-prescription saline nasal sprays and decongestant nasal sprays are available to provide instant and effective relief.

Are you suffering from Blocked nose, runny nose, congestion, and other symptoms of allergies? Conditions like nasal congestion and allergies can be easily relieved with various nasal decongestant sprays, balms etc. While decongestant sprays are more effective than the saline sprays, the saline rinses and sprays offer relief too, and can be used as many times as needed. Choose the decongestant and medicine according to your requirement, condition, and get relief instantly.

Various well known over the counter and prescription decongestants including; Vicks, neilmed, Haymax and Sterimar are available at Chemist-4-U for congestion relief. The online pharmacy stocks and offers a huge range of discounted medication for quicker hayfever relief.

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Showing 19 results