Sterimar Nasal Sprays & Congestion Relief

If you’re struggling with hay fever, allergies, or just a blocked nose and are looking for a natural way to ease your congestion, Stérimar nasal sprays could be the solution you’re looking for.


They use 100% natural seawater to clear your blocked nose, making them perfect for all ages and safe for pregnant and breastfeeding mothers.


Stérimar is the UK’s Number 1 GP recommended brand for nasal conditions and is approved by Allergy UK as an allergy-friendly product, so when you’re struggling with congestion you know you can rely on Stérimar to help you to breathe easy.

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  1. £5.99
  2. Sterimar Baby Nasal Spray - 50ml
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    Sterimar Stop And Protect Cold And Sinus Relief – 20ml
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    Sterimar Congestion Relief Sea Water Nasal Spray 100ml (Formally Hypertonic)
  5. This product is suitable for children. Please read the full description for full details.

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    Sterimar Breathe Easy Nasal Spray 100ml (Formally Isotonic Hayfever & Congestion)
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