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Trapped wind is a common but uncomfortable condition that many people suffer with occasionally. It can happen after you eat certain foods or have indigestion, leaving you feeling uncomfortable and bloated until your body manages to pass the gas that’s trapped in your digestive system.


What happens when you have trapped wind?

Trapped wind happens when gas builds up in your stomach, causing pressure which can feel painful as you wait for it to pass. When you have trapped wind, you may notice unpleasant symptoms such as bloating, cramps, feeling sick, a rumbling in your stomach, and wind or flatulence.


How can I treat trapped wind?

One of the most commonly used treatments for trapped wind are Epsom salts, which you can mix into a cup of water and drink to ease your symptoms. Other popular treatments include antacids from popular brands such as Gaviscon and Rennie, which help to neutralise your stomach acid and ease symptoms of indigestion such as trapped wind. Lots of these treatments are available without prescription and can be bought over the counter from pharmacists like Chemist 4 U.

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