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Trapped Wind Tablets, Syrups, and Salts

Trapped Wind Tablets, Syrups, and Salts

Trapped Wind Remedies

Feeling bloated and uncomfortable and experiencing more embarrassing burping or flatulence than you usually would? You could be suffering with trapped wind!

Trapped wind can happen to anyone and it’s really common, leaving people of all ages searching for a way to ease their pain and discomfort.

Here at Chemist 4 u we’ve got a range of trapped wind remedies from popular brands like Gaviscon, Rennie, and Pepto-Bismol, which can all help to ease trapped wind and indigestion.

We also stock Epsom salts and fruit salts which are perfect for those who are looking to ease trapped wind and prefer a drinkable remedy to tablets and syrups.

These remedies can help to ease symptoms of trapped wind, like stomach cramps, back pain, and constipation so you can feel comfortable and beat the bloat.

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1-24 of 57

How Do Trapped Wind Remedies Help to Ease Discomfort?

How Do Trapped Wind Remedies Help to Ease Discomfort?

Trapped wind remedies often work by neutralising your stomach acid, breaking it down into harmless substances like water.


Your stomach acid can sometimes irritate your stomach lining, causing indigestion and acid reflux, which can lead to trapped wind, burping, and flatulence.


Neutralising your stomach acid removes this irritation and helps to keep you feeling comfortable.


Some remedies also work by combining the tiny gas bubbles in your stomach into larger bubbles, making them easier to pass, so they can leave your system and reduce your bloating.


These remedies can be at their best when you make changes to your diet that can help to ease indigestion, such as eating more fibre, cutting out foods you’re intolerant to or fizzy drinks, eating more slowly, or eating smaller meals more often.


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