10 Amazing Ways to Use Bio-Oil

10 Amazing Ways to Use Bio-Oil

Bio-Oil is a multi-award winning skincare oil, commonly used to reduce the appearance of scars, stretch marks and uneven skin tones.


But this oil has a whole lot more to offer.


Chemist 4 U dived deep to uncover some of the more uncommon, but surprisingly good, uses for the highly popular oil.


Bio Oil


Use Bio-Oil to clean makeup brushes


The oil will protect the bristles while dissolving grime from the brushes.


Use as a pre-shave treatment


Both men and women can benefit from a super smooth shave when Bio-Oil is applied as a pre-shave treatment.


Massage the oil onto the skin or beard and leave to settle for a minute, then apply your usual shaving gel or cream.


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Apply as a makeup primer


Gently rub a drop of Bio-Oil onto your skin before applying your foundation.


The caring properties of the oil can help even the skin tone and lock in moisture.


Use as a lip balm


Dab a very small amount onto lips for a moisture boost.


Dab on insect and bug bites


Bio-Oil can help reduce redness and prevent scarring from insect and other bug bites.


Once the itching has settled, dab onto bites twice a day until the redness has gone.


Do not apply to infected bites.


Rub onto age spots


Bio-Oil contains vitamins and ingredients which have shown to have a positive effect on age spots and other discoloration of the skin.


Gently rub on the skin daily for best results.


Use as a makeup remover


Add a drop to a cotton wool pad and use to remove your makeup.


Focusing on your eyes, the oil helps to condition and nourish your lashes.


Run through hair before swimming


If you regularly swim in chlorine waters, running Bio-Oil through your hair before getting into the pool can help protect your hair from the chlorine.


Apply before suncream


Bio-Oil can be applied to your skin before your suncream.


The vitamins in the oil can add a little extra protection from the damaging, ageing effects of the sun.


Massage onto skin for improved sleep


Bio-Oil also contains Chamomile, which is known to have a relaxing effect.


Massaging a few drops onto your skin just before bedtime could help you relax and potentially get a better night’s sleep.


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