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Experiencing haemorrhoids, also known as piles, can feel embarrassing, stressful and distracting. This can be frustrating when out and about, whether at work or socialising with friends. When it comes to getting rid of them and the associated symptoms, a good ointment can work effectively.

Typical symptoms of the unpleasant condition, which involves swelling of blood vessels found inside and around the anus, include bleeding after a passing a stool and an itchy anus. Others involve soreness, redness and swelling outside the anus, a lump hanging down outside of it, and mucus discharge after passing a stool. Chemist-4-U provides a range of effective ointments that contain solutions to help reduce symptoms of piles and get rid of them. This includes reducing swelling and shrinking the size of piles, as well as calming irritation, itchiness and soothing relief to bring comfort and peace of mind.

Our range of ointments, which include top brands like Anusol, Anodesyn, and Germoloids, treat piles effectively. This will provide you with the relief and comfort you need to both focus on your work when in the office and enjoy your social time when out with family and friends.

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Showing 5 results