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Eczema & Psoriasis

Is your skin dry? Do you see red patches and blisters appearing on your skin? Does it itch a lot? If yes, then these could be the signs of Eczema. A common skin problem, eczema makes the skin dry, flaky, itchy and red, a sign of omega-3 fat deficiency in the body. Humidity, environmental changes, allergies, asthma and hay fever are also some of causes that trigger this frustrating skin disease.

So if you have also been scratching your skin like mad, here are few dermatologist-tested creams, washes, moisturizers, lotions and oils that are sure to give you some relief. These intensive moisturising formulas, offered by Chemist-4-u, help in restoring the skin's epidermal barriers and prevent moisture evaporation from the skin’s surface. With daily application, the ones suffering from the problems of dry skin & eczema can get effective relief from itchiness, scaling and redness. The skin becomes softer, smooth and elastic as the lost moisture is regained and retained within the skin.

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