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Eye Care medicine and supplements

Eyes are precious; protect them from any inflammation or injury. Since, the eyes are a sensitive part of our body, what medicine goes in it, should be chosen with utmost caution.

Is it pink eye? What to do if you get a stye or other unsightly eyelid bumps. Learn various signs, symptoms and find the right treatment at one place - Chemist-4-U. Bid farewell to various ailments related to eyes, such as cataracts, stye or other unsightly eyelid bumps, dry eyes and those annoying eye floaters. At Chemist-4-U, you will find eye care products and medicines such as contact lens solutions, eye drops and washes, supplements, plasters and bandages etc. from all the leading brands.

Complete Eye Care solutions for different symptoms

Keep your vision intact, and eyes free from ailments, irritations with our extensive range of eye drops and washes, supplements, plasters and bandages from leading brands such as Bausch and Lomb, Abbott, Optrex and more.

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1-24 of 96