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Heartburn, Acid Reflux & Indigestion Treatments

Heartburn, Acid Reflux & Indigestion Treatments

Antacids, Heartburn Medicine, & Indigestion Remedies

Heartburn, indigestion, and acid reflux can make mealtimes a chore, as you try to avoid your favourite foods to keep indigestion at bay.

Luckily, we stock a wide range of heartburn and indigestion treatments, perfect for soothing your burning chest, easing bloating, and more.

These remedies are available from popular indigestion treatment brands, including Gaviscon, Rennie, Nexium, and Pepto-Bismol.

If you need a reliable way to manage your indigestion symptoms at home or on the go, we’re sure we have the perfect treatment for you, including antacid tablets and liquid medicines.

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1-24 of 84

What is the difference between indigestion and heartburn?

What is the difference between indigestion and heartburn?


Acid reflux and heartburn are actually caused by indigestion, which is why a lot of remedies for indigestion and heartburn use the same active ingredients.


When you have indigestion your heartburn may be accompanied by other symptoms, such as bloating, wind, feeling sick, and bringing up your food.


The symptoms of acid reflux include the burning sensation in your chest that is also called heartburn, coughing, a sore throat, bad breath, and hiccoughs.


If you experience any combination of these symptoms, you probably have indigestion and could benefit from a suitable indigestion remedy.


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