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Biofreeze Pain Relief Gel, Spray, and Roll On

Biofreeze Pain Relief Gel, Spray, and Roll On

Biofreeze for Back Pain, Arthritis, Muscular Pain, and Knee Pain

Biofreeze is a range of cooling pain relief products that use cryotherapy, or cold therapy, to ease your aches and pains.

It can help to ease muscular pain all over the body, and is available in gel, spray, and roll on formulas that make soothing even the hardest to reach areas a breeze.

Biofreeze is ideal for those who suffer with pain caused by exercise, with a sample showing that 62% of Biofreeze users suffer with back pain from playing sports.

If you’re looking for cooling pain relief that won’t slow you down, Biofreeze is the perfect product to stash in your handbag, gym bag, or backpack to use on the go, giving you soothing pain relief no matter where life takes you.

Showing 4 results

Showing 4 results

When can I use Biofreeze?

When can I use Biofreeze?


Biofreeze can be used for lots of different joint and muscle pains, but each product is especially suited to ease different ailments:


  • Biofreeze Gel – This product is perfect for hands on applications, so it’s ideal for leg pain, hand and wrist pain, and pain in other easy to reach areas
  • Biofreeze Spray – This product is great for harder to reach areas, like your back, as it can be sprayed onto the area from any angle. It’s also ideal for use on your feet and ankles, with easy application that will get right to the area of pain
  • Biofreeze Roll On – This product is perfect for use on your lower body, like your thighs and calves, as it gets to smaller areas of pain accurately and effectively. It’s also great for neck and shoulder pain, as the roller ball applicator also helps to massage the muscles as you apply your Biofreeze, stimulating pressure points and helping to further relieve your pain

How does Biofreeze work?


Biofreeze uses cryotherapy to ease pain using a method called Gate Control Theory.


When you’re in pain, the area sends signals through your nerves to your brain, telling it to react to the pain.


Biofreeze uses its cooling sensation to pass through the “gates” leading to your nervous system, blocking them and keeping the sensation of pain from coming through.


This means that you’ll feel a cooling sensation in the area instead of the pain, with clinical studies showing that those who use Biofreeze feel their pain symptoms reduce twice as much as those who don’t!

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