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Nexium Control

If you suffer from heartburn twice a week or more, Nexium Control's range of products is formulated with esomeprazole to give you the relief you need. IIt's an ideal remedy for those who;

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For those who suffer from frequent heartburn and acid reflux

  • Need long lasting protection against heartburn
  • Need an over the counter product
  • Are cautious about what they eat and when.
  • Suffer from interrupted sleep because of heartburn.

Nexium Control can offer up to 24 hours protection in just one pill.

Nexium Control
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    Nexium Control For Heartburn And Acid Reflux 20mg – 7 Tablets
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    Nexium Control For Heartburn & Acid Reflux 20mg – 14 Tablets
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    Nexium Control For Heartburn And Acid Reflux 20mg – 14 Capsules
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