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Babies have very delicate skin and one in every two babies is very likely to develop a nappy rash. These rashes are often caused to due to a wet or dirty nappy worn for too long. If the size of baby’s nappy is not according his weight, then one day you are bound to confront redness or inflammation of skin. If the rash is not treated in time, it can develop into something serious and something less-easily curable.

Treat your baby’s nappy rashes in time by using antiseptic creams, soothing gels, ointments and dusting powder. Chemist-4-U provides you with a wide range of rash treatments from world famous brands like Daktarin, Conotrane, Bepanthen, etc. All the products are clinically tested and proven safe for application on baby’s skin.

Note: If the symptoms persist, we recommend taking advice from a doctor and a check-up done. Please read all instructions before use.

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