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Nappy Rash Treatments

Nappy Rash Treatments

Nappy Rash Cream, Ointment, & Sprays

Nappy rash happens to up to a third of babies and toddlers that wear nappies, causing a sore rash that makes your little one uncomfortable and fussy.

Nappy rash happens when your child’s skin is irritated, for example, if you leave them in a nappy for too long or if they react to soap, detergent, or bubble bath.

One of the best ways to soothe nappy rash is to use a cream or ointment that helps to protect their delicate skin from irritation, helping to ease their symptoms until the rash is gone.

Here at Chemist 4 U, we stock a wide range of nappy care products from top brands such as Sudocrem, Bepanthen, and Daktarin, so you can choose the best possible treatment for your baby’s sore skin.

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What is the best treatment for nappy rash?

What is the best treatment for nappy rash?

The best treatment for your child’s nappy rash will depend on what caused the rash in the first place.

If your baby has gotten their rash after their skin was irritated by a nappy, soap, or detergent then they may benefit from a barrier cream.

Barrier creams form a protective layer over your child’s skin, helping to keep irritants from coming into contact with the skin and causing a rash.

If your child’s rash is caused by a fungal infection then they may need to use an antifungal cream, which will help to restore the delicate balance of natural fungi on their skin and treat that rash.

If you’re unsure what has caused your baby’s nappy rash, we’d recommend speaking to your doctor or pharmacist before using any treatments so you can be sure you’re using the best remedy for them.

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