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Healthy Babies and Toddler Wellbeing Medications and Treatments

Babies are tender, soft vulnerable gift of god. They are to be taken utmost care of. To treat the common ailments of babies, the Baby & Child section features a huge range of Health Products.

Being a new mom or dad can be a terrifying experience, especially when your dear one is suffering from colic, fever, coughs and other common ailments. Find all the correct treatments and medications at one single place, here at chemist-4-u, and dodge all the worrying and confusion. All the medicines are lusted with their dosage, indications and ensure you get all the necessary information before administering a drug inside your child’s body.

Range of Health Products for Baby and Child

Find all the pain relief and illness medication from leading brands such as Calpol, Johnson’s and Johnson’s, Infacol and Benylin. Each brand is renowned and trusted to treat common ailment in kids including Colds, Colic, Coughs, Cradle Cap, Nappy Rash, Teething etc.

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1-24 of 237