Ibuprofen Tablets and Capsules

Ibuprofen Tablets and Capsules

Ibuprofen 400mg and 200mg Tablets


Ibuprofen tablets are pain relief medication that can also work as an anti-inflammatory.


They can be used to ease headaches, migraines, toothache, period pain, and inflammation caused by arthritis or sprains and strains.


You can pick up ibuprofen tablets in doses of 200mg or 400mg or as ibuprofen lysine.


It’s available as generic ibuprofen or as the active ingredient in big brands like Nurofen and Flarin, so you’ve got plenty of choices when you need to ease your pain.


If you’re looking for fast pain relief that can help you to manage your everyday aches and pains, ibuprofen tablets are a great choice that’s available over the counter and in regular shops and online pharmacies like Chemist4U.

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    Cuprofen Maximum Strength 400mg - 24 Tablets
    UVA 3*
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    Nurofen Express 200mg - 10 Liquid Capsules
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    Nurofen Meltlets Lemon 200mg Self-Dissolving Tablets - 12 Pack
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    Nurofen Pain Relief 256mg Tablets - 16 Pack
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    Nurofen Express 200mg Liquid Capsules - 30 Pack
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    Flarin 200mg Soft Capsules – 30 Capsules
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    Nurofen Express 200mg Liquid Capsules - 16 Pack
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    Ibuprofen - 48 x 200mg Tablets (Brand May Vary)
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    Nurofen Max Strength Joint & Back Pain Relief 512mg - 24 Tablets
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    Nurofen Sinus Pressure & Headache Relief 200mg/30mg - 24 Tablets
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    Nurofen Back Pain Relief - 24 x 300mg Capsules
  13. Save 8%
    Feminax Express - 342mg x 16 Tablets
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