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Foot Care and treatment products Online at Chemist-4-U

Foot is the most neglected part of body, and often people notice problems when they are past their initial stage. For people with diabetes, many different problems related to foot health may arise.

Don’t let the ordinary problems get worse and lead to serious complications

Most frequent foot problems arise in case of nerve damage (neuropathy), and symptoms include tingling sensations, pain, burning, stinging or weakness. Corns and loss of feeling are a few more conditions which are to be taken care of immediately. Keep your feet clean, and check regularly for any signs of cuts, bruises or pain, itching. Many injuries go unnoticed and poor blood flow or changes in the shape of your feet or toes may also cause problems.

The Complete foot health care range

Chemist-4-U stocks all the foot care products, medicines from leading brands like Scholl foot care to provide relief in various conditions such as Athletes Foot, Blisters, Cracked and Dry Skin, Flight Socks, Fungal Nail Treatment, Insoles, Verrucas and has various Odour Control measures too. Choose from a range of guard socks, treatment gels, Corn pads and shields, odour control sprays and insoles along with products for diabetic foot care, treatment for verruca to keep your feet healthy and clean, odour free.

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1-24 of 186