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Wartner Wart & Verruca Treatment

Cryotherapy & Freeze Therapy


Have you noticed an annoying wart pop up on your finger? How about a painful verruca on the sole of your foot? Wartner is ready to help!


Years of experience and expertise have made Wartner the world’s number 1 anti-wart brand, and you could see the results for yourself in seconds!


Why let that wart fade away over months or even years when you could pick up your freeze therapy treatment and get the job done?


Wartner pens are designed to make precise application a breeze, so you can sort that wart and forget about it for good.

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  1. Wartner Wart & Verucca Removal Pen

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  2. Wartner Wart & Verruca Cryo Freeze - 14ml

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What are verrucas?

Verrucas are actually a type of wart, specifically one that grows on the bottom of your foot.


Verrucas are also known as plantar warts, and they look like flat, round discs with small black dots in them.


They can be quite painful when you walk on them, feeling like you’ve stepped on a needle or pin.


Like all other warts, they’re harmless, but as they usually cause more discomfort than other warts you may want to treat them more quickly than warts on other parts of the body.

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Does Wartner work?

Yes, Wartner products work to treat warts and verrucas fast!


No more hanging around on your GP’s waiting list for an appointment to freeze your wart when you can use Wartner for effective treatment at home.


By freezing the very centre of your wart or verruca with a precise application, cryotherapy gets right to the source of the problem and deals with it quickly and effectively.

Can I use Wartner to treat genital warts?

You shouldn’t use Wartner to treat genital warts.


This is because the skin in your genital area is much more sensitive than the skin on the rest of your body.


Combine this sensitivity with the fact that your genitals can be much more difficult to reach and see than your arms or feet, and you could be more likely to damage your skin when using a home wart treatment.


If you have genital warts you should make an appointment to see your doctor or your local sexual health clinic for a check-up and professional treatment.

Can I use Wartner for skin tags?

Skin tags are a different type of skin complaint than warts and verrucas, so you shouldn’t use Wartner to treat them.


Skin tags are usually harmless, but if yours are causing you discomfort, pain, or distress you should speak to your doctor or pharmacist and ask for advice.


They’ll be able to suggest a suitable treatment or schedule to remove them for you.

Where can I find the instructions for Wartner?

When you get your Wartner pen you’ll find a patient information leaflet included with your product.


This will contain detailed instructions about how to use your treatment, how often you’ll need to use it, and more.

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