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Blood glucose testing is a simple way to monitor your blood sugar levels, an essential part of day to day life for those who have diabetes. One of the most popular ways to test your blood sugar levels are using blood glucose test strips, which are dipped into a tiny drop of blood to test how much sugar is in your bloodstream. When you put your diabetic test strip into your blood glucose monitor, it will tell you your blood sugar levels and help you to decide what you should to keep your blood glucose levels within safe numbers.

What are ketone test strips?

Ketone test strips are used to detect ketones in your pee, and are another essential testing device for those who have diabetes. If you have diabetes and use insulin, it can be important to know how much ketone is in your urine, as ketones can be produced when your body doesn’t have enough insulin. Testing using keto sticks can help you to monitor your ketones so you can be sure that your body has what it needs for you to be healthy and happy.

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