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James O'Loan
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What are Contour Test Strips? 

Correctly managing your diabetes is essential to maintaining good health, so don’t compromise on your testing strips. Contour Test Strips will provide you with accurate, reliable results that you can trust. Please note, these testing strips are only compatible with the original Contour blood glucose meter. They are NOT suitable to use with the Contour Next blood glucose meter or the Contour Plus blood glucose meter. For more information on product compatibility, visit the manufacturer's website.

How to use this product

Frequently testing your blood sugar levels is vital if you have diabetes to ensure they stay in a normal range. Start by preparing your kit for testing, which should include your meter, a Contour Test Strip, a fresh, clean lancing device and some cotton wool. 

Wash and dry your hands to ensure the result is not influenced by any sugars present on your fingers. Prick your finger to obtain a drop of blood and put the blood onto the test strip. Place the test strip into the meter to record a result. Use the cotton wool to dab any excess blood from your finger.

Which glucose meters are compatible with Contour Test Strips?

When shopping for your testing strips, you should always buy the same brand as your blood glucose meter to ensure they’re not only compatible, but accurate, too. Contour Test Strips are only compatible with the original Contour blood glucose meter. They are NOT suitable to use with the Contour Next blood glucose meter or the Contour Plus blood glucose meter. For more information on product compatibility, visit the manufacturer's website.

What is the best time to check blood sugar?

It’s a good idea to tie your testing times into daily events, that way, you’ll always remember to check your levels. It’s best to test your blood sugar before all three of your meals, after exercise, and before you go to sleep. It’s important to test before you eat as fasting glucose levels will give you a better, truer reading - if you forget and need to test after a meal, you should wait a couple of hours to ensure your reading is accurate.

Can you reuse a testing strip?

You can’t unfortunately, despite it sounding like a cost-effective option. However you try to do it  - whether you flip the strip over or try to remove the first blood sample - as soon as you put it into the meter, it will tell you that the strip is invalid. If you’re lucky enough to get a reading at all, it cannot be trusted as an accurate reading as the strip has been tampered with.

How can I test my blood sugar?

You can test your blood sugar at home or on the go by using a traditional glucose monitoring system, where you prick your finger to draw out a drop of blood to put on the test strip. Place the strip into the meter that displays the blood sugar levels and record the level in case your healthcare provider needs to see the results. Having a blood sugar reader enables you to check your sugar levels multiple times a day, helping you to keep an eye on your results so your healthcare provider can let you know how much medication to take.

Brand Information
Brand Name
Product Data
Days Supply
50 Tests

I have contour plus, can i buy these? My strips are 6mm wide

According to the manufacturer, only the ContourPlus test strips are compatible with the ContourPlus metre.

What is the expiry date on your Bayer contour blood gloucose test strip

All our products have at least 6 months from expiry upon supply

Will Contour test strips (Ј13.19 for 50) work in my brand new Contour Next meter? You should make it clear in advertising.

No they aren’t compatible. Contour Next Meters require Contour Next Test Strips, whereas Contour Meters used Contour Test Strips

Will the contour next strips work with the contour next one meter

Only the Contour Next Strips will work with the Contour Next Meter.

This item isn't the correct test strips. 

Do Contour test strips work Ascensia Contour meter?

The pack of 50 test strips for use with the CONTOUR® (black and silver version) blood glucose meter.

These test strips only work with the Contour blood glucose meter, which is no longer manufacturered. Do not use these test strips with any other blood glucose meters, including other models of Contour blood glucose meter, such as the Contour NEXT meter.

With NHS England recommending that they should not provision Test Strips that cost Ј10-00 for 50, is any action being taken to find a cheaper universal product?

There are a number of test strips that have been price reduced to the NHS to allow continued supply.

Here's a link to the ones costing the NHS less than £10

Could You please send me the expiry date of this product as I am interested in buying it

All our products are fresh ordered and have a minimum of 12 months expiry from purchase.

What is the expiry date please? Thank you

Our test strips have a minimum of 12 months expiry from purchase

Can these test strips be used with the Contour XT meter?

Contour XT meter requires Contour Next test strips

Contour test strips are not compatable. 

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Contour Test Strips - Pack of 50 Reviews

The prize is affordable
Miss McGann,
Good quality only three stars for value for money because I think they are overpriced generally but this company is the cheapest however why a pack of 50 when you need 60 for two months supply?
Miss McGann,
Good product but expensive wherever you buy them I cannot understand why they dont do packs of 60 or more to cover a full two month supply.
Perfect for my requirement
Fifi K , Airdrie,
item is as advertised. Price was substantially lower than my local pharmacy

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