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Alexandra Moses - Medical Content Writer
Alexandra Moses
James O'Loan - CEO & Prescribing Pharmacist
James O'Loan
CEO & Prescribing Pharmacist
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What are Contour Next Test Strips? 

Correctly managing your diabetes is essential to maintaining good health, so don’t compromise on your testing strips. Contour Next Test Strips surpass industry standards to provide you with accurate, reliable results that you can trust. 

How to use this product

Frequently testing your blood sugar levels is vital if you have diabetes to ensure they stay in a normal range. Start by preparing your kit for testing, which should include your meter, a Contour Next Test Strip, a fresh, clean lancing device and some cotton wool. 

Wash and dry your hands to ensure the result is not influenced by any sugars present on your fingers. Prick your finger to obtain a drop of blood and put the blood onto the test strip. Place the test strip into the meter to record a result. Use the cotton wool to dab any excess blood from your finger.

Which glucose meters are compatible with Contour Next Test Strips?

When shopping for your testing strips, you should always buy the same brand as your blood glucose meter to ensure they’re not only compatible, but accurate, too. Contour Next Test Strips are suitable for the following blood glucose meters: 






What is the best time to check blood sugar?

It’s a good idea to tie your testing times into daily events, that way, you’ll always remember to check your levels. It’s best to test your blood sugar before all three of your meals, after exercise, and before you go to sleep. It’s important to test before you eat as fasting glucose levels will give you a better, truer reading - if you forget and need to test after a meal, you should wait a couple of hours to ensure your reading is accurate.

Can you reuse a testing strip?

You can’t unfortunately, despite it sounding like a cost-effective option. However you try to do it  - flip the strip over or try to remove the first blood sample - as soon as you put it into the meter, it will tell you that the strip is invalid. If you’re lucky enough to get a reading at all, it cannot be trusted as an accurate reading as the strip has been tampered with.

How can I test my blood sugar?

You can test your blood sugar at home or on the go by using a traditional glucose monitoring system, where you prick your finger to draw out a drop of blood to put on the test strip. Place the strip into the meter that displays the blood sugar levels and record the level in case your healthcare provider needs to see the results. Having a blood sugar reader enables you to check your sugar levels multiple times a day, helping you to keep an eye on your results so your healthcare provider can let you know how much medication to take.

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How to Use the Contour® Next One

So, you’ve picked up a lovely Contour® Next One blood glucose meter and you’re ready to take your first step into the new age of smart diabetes management.

Well, we’re going to take a look at how you’ll use your Contour® Next One system to test your blood sugar levels, let’s get started!

Your Questions About the Contour® Next One Answered

The Contour® Next One is an illuminating blood glucose meter from Contour®, and if you have diabetes or want to be more conscious of your blood sugar, it could be perfect for you.

But what makes this blood glucose meter different from any other, what makes it so special?

Well today we’re going to answer both of these questions and more, as we take a closer look at the Contour® Next One blood glucose testing system.

Introduction to Diabetes

Diabetes is a condition that is life-long, cannot be cured and can only be managed by careful food and drink intake and regular testing of blood sugar levels.

I need to buy strips for contour next one, can u gel me whays the expiry date on them

Expiry date on our stock is 30/11/2020. Thank you.

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Contour Next Test Strips - Pack of 50 Reviews

Could have been less cost as it is difficult time for me to buy ever time
Supplied with a good long expiry date.
Work great with insulin tester and pump - no problems. Identical to those get through nhs. Expensive at £20 for 50 though.
Great test strips - easy to use along with Contour Next test kit - give you a "2nd go" within 60 seconds if needed. wouldn't use anything else
Just what I need