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Thrush Treatment, Creams, Tablets & Pessaries

Thrush is a yeast infection or fungal infection that can affect your vagina, penis, or mouth.

Vaginal thrush is one of the most common types of thrush, and most women experience thrush at one point in their life.

Thrush is very uncomfortable and causes an itching, stinging sensation as well as a white, cottage-cheese like discharge, luckily, thrush is also very simple to treat.

Fluconazole tablets and clotrimazole creams and pessaries can work together to ease your symptoms and treat your yeast infection within just a few days.

We stock a wide range of thrush treatments, including those from popular brands like Canesten as well as cost-effective generic thrush medicines, which work just as well as branded medicines while being kinder to your wallet.

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Showing 24 results