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A skin that is spotless, glowing and buttery smooth is every girl’s dream! As a matter of fact, no man wants his skin full of bumps and breakouts underneath his impressive stubble either. So, why do we, as teenagers and adults, have to deal with this devastating and embarrassing problem of Acne? Well, the causes are many, right from emotional stress, sleeplessness, anxiety, physical toll, hormonal imbalance, improper hygiene and chronic diseases to intake of oily & spicy food.

In order to get you a clear and clean skin, Chemist-4-u has come up with a vast range of acne clearing scrubs, cleansers, washes, moisturizers, wipes, masks, gels and toners that give an effective treatment against problem-causing bacteria that stops recurring breakouts of pimples, zits and spots on the skin. With regular application of these lab-tested and dermatologist-approved formulas, one can rebalance the skin’s oil levels, purify it and keep blemishes at bay.

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1-24 of 40