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All of us have been using bandages since the time we can actually recall. Right from minor scrapes and boils to deep surgical cuts, Plasters & Bandages have been saving us all from infections like our best friends.

Talking about day-to-day lives, not only bandages protect the wounds from fungal and bacterial attacks but also aid a quicker healing process. When gently glued and pressed over the wounded area, bandages put pressure on the tissues and helps in reducing bleeding, swelling and pain. When it comes to surgical procedures and operations, surgeons often rely on sterile wound dressings that control severe bleeding and stick to the wound for long in order to support the wound during healing.

Chemist-4-U presents a wide array of surgical tapes, waterproof plasters, foam dressings, felt tapes, absorbent bandages, and much more to help provide a secure padding over any painful injury for a fast curative process.

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