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“Smoking is injurious to health”, is what we have been hearing for ages. But have we really faced the truth? It’s time to buckle up and fight against this battle of life-talking addiction. Chemist 4 u is here to help the chain smokers get rid of this injurious health occurring habit.

Intake of Lozenges is one of the easiest ways of quitting smoking. One can control craving by using lozenges, as this is a nicotine replacement that helps the smokers to reduce their level of smoking. You can explore Lozenges section under Quit Smoking at Chemist 4 u and get premium quality nicotine replacements.

Explore chemist 4 u – one-stop online store for quit smoking medication

You can get a chance to choose from a huge variety of guaranteed, 100% branded lozenges; NICORETTE COOLS ICY MINT 2MG NICOTINE 20 LOZENGES, NICORETTE COOLS ICY MINT 4MG NICOTINE 4 PACK - 80 LOZENGES, etc. and get rid of this life-threatening smoking addiction.

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Showing 10 results