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Travel Sickness and Motion Sickness Tablets and Pills

Travel Sickness and Motion Sickness Tablets and Pills

Seasickness and Car Sickness Tablets

Travel sickness and motion sickness tablets help to ease nausea and vomiting when you’re travelling.

If your travel sickness makes going on a trip or holiday an absolute nightmare, motion sickness remedies can help to ease your symptoms so you can enjoy yourself.

Here at Chemist 4 U we stock motion sickness tablets from top brands like Kwells, Joy-Rides, and Stugeron, which can help to ease seasickness, car sickness, and any other motion sickness.

If you’d rather not take tablets, we also stock motion sickness bands, which use acupressure to ease your symptoms, and patches which can provide up to 72 hours of relief while you travel.

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Why do I have travel sickness?

Why do I have travel sickness?

Travel sickness happens when the messages your brain gets from your eyes and your inner ear don’t match up.

For example, if you’re on a boat your eyes may tell your brain that you’re standing perfectly still, but your inner ear may say that you’re moving up and down as the boat navigates the waves.

This confusion makes your brain a bit baffled, so it tells your body to feel sick and throw up, causing your motion sickness.

Travel sickness tablets work by keeping your brain from sending signals to its vomiting centre, easing your motion sickness whether you’re travelling by boat, plane, train, or car.


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