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Whether you are young or old, proper foot care is a crucial factor that contributes to a healthy wellbeing. And if you have Cracked & Dry Skin, it is probably the first and foremost sign of poor foot health. The causes are many, right from lack of moisturising, overpressure and aging to medical conditions like diabetes. There are few common signs that indicate that your feet have been abused a little too much externally as well as suffering from some faulty internal bustle. These apparent indicators are rough heels, flaky red patches, itchiness, rashes and bleeding.

Not only cracked feet look unpleasant and cause uneasiness in movement, but can also lead to severe infections and unbearable pain if not taken care of on time. Chemist-4-U offers a plethora of medically-approved and effective foot creams, crack patches, pain relieving gels and heel balms so that you can flaunt a pair of attractive, clean and moisturised feet.