What dosage of Wegovy should I take?

Finding the Right Strength of Semaglutide


So, you’re thinking of taking Wegovy (semaglutide) to help you meet your weight loss goals. But what dosage are you supposed to take?

You can buy Wegovy pens in five different dosage strengths, but which one is right for you? And what is this titration thing you’ve heard people talk about?

These are all great questions, and you’ll be happy to learn that their answers are surprisingly simple. We’re here to answer all of them and more. You'll feel confident in finding the right dose in no time, from the very first time you use your pen until you reach your weight loss goals.


What is titration?


Titration is a fancy name for increasing the strength of your medication over time — simple, right?

Lots of medications use titration to help you find a dose that works effectively while controlling potential side effects. As you start on the lowest dose, you’ll be less likely to experience side effects than you would on a higher dose.

This gives you and your healthcare team time to assess how the medication affects you. They'll increase it as needed to give you effective treatment without causing unwanted symptoms.

When you start taking Wegovy, you’ll be given the lowest possible dose. Your prescriber will usually titrate your dose upwards every four weeks as your body gets used to the treatment.

You’ll keep communicating with your prescriber throughout this process. Between the two of you, you’ll be able to find a dose that works. It might seem like titration is an attempt to slow down your treatment, but the truth is that it’s an essential way to keep your treatment controlled, sustainable, and, most of all, safe.


What are the doses of semaglutide for weight loss?


Wegovy pens are available in a few different strengths. This makes it easier for you to titrate up from the smallest dose until you find one that works for you.

You’ll use 1 pen each month (4 doses, injected once, weekly) then dispose of it safely. It will inject the dose you need without you having to measure it out for yourself.

This can make dosing easier than it is when taking Saxenda, a similar weight loss treatment that requires you to set your dose manually every time you use your pen.

Wegovy pens are available in the following strengths of semaglutide:

  • 0.25mg
  • 0.5mg
  • 1mg
  • 1.7mg
  • 2.4mg

When you first start taking Wegovy, you’ll use your 0.25mg pen every week for a month (more specifically, four weeks or 28 days).

If this goes well, you’ll usually increase to a 0.5mg dose after your first month. Your dosage may then increase further as your treatment continues.

Of course, this should only be done under the supervision of a medical professional. They will check in with you to see how your weight loss is going, whether this medication is right for you, and which dose is working best.


Why are dosage amounts for Wegovy different from dosage amounts for Ozempic?


Ozempic is a medication for type 2 diabetes that uses semaglutide as its active ingredient, so it works in the same way as Wegovy.

It helps to increase the amount of insulin your body creates, helping to control your blood sugar levels more effectively.

Naturally, this means that Ozempic has a different purpose to Wegovy, which is why different doses are recommended for the patients who use them.

For example, the highest recommended dose of Ozempic is usually 1mg a week, whereas weekly doses of Wegovy can go as high as 2mg a week.

Remember to always follow the dosage instructions your prescriber gives you for any medication, even if you know that it can also be used for other things, as there are a lot of factors they will have considered when they decided to give you a certain dose.

The safest thing you can do is follow the advice of medical professionals and work with them when it comes to deciding on your treatment in the first place.


What dosage of Ozempic should I take for weight loss?


As we’ve just covered, you shouldn’t be using Ozempic for weight loss, as it’s not a weight loss medication.

With that being said, you may find that you experience weight loss as a side effect of Ozempic, no matter what dose you’re on.

If you have been using Ozempic for type 2 diabetes you probably won’t be able to use Wegovy, as this could interfere with your diabetes treatment or lead to an accidental overdose of semaglutide.

You shouldn’t take more Ozempic than has been prescribed for you. This stands even if it is less than the typical dose of semaglutide prescribed for weight loss, as this has the potential to be very unsafe.


How often will I inject with the Wegovy pen?


You’ll only need to inject your Wegovy pen once a week. That dose is all you’ll need for your treatment to be effective all week long.

This is much more convenient than Saxenda weight loss injections, which need you to take your medication once every day.

You’ll inject semaglutide on the same day every week, ideally at a similar time of day.

Injecting at the same time every week can help you remember when you’re taking your medication. So try taking yours at a time that you’ll find easy to remember.

You can take your treatment at any time of day. It doesn’t matter if you take it before or after a meal, first thing in the morning, or before you go to bed. So find a time that works for you and stick to it every week.


Will I need to titrate to the highest possible dose of semaglutide?


You may not need to titrate up to the highest dose of semaglutide throughout your treatment.

Whether you’ll need the highest dose depends on you, how your body is responding to your treatment, and whether you’re losing weight at a steady pace.

The highest dose you end up taking will ultimately be decided between you and your prescriber, as you keep them up to date with how you’re feeling and how much weight you’ve lost during your treatment.

Your body is unique, so why would your weight loss treatment be any different?


How long will I need to take semaglutide?


The duration of semaglutide treatment will be different for everyone. It depends on how quickly you lose weight and how long you need to continue using the medication to maintain it.

We recommend gradually reducing your dose of Wegovy when you’ve reached a healthy weight.

This helps you get used to continuing the lifestyle changes you’ve made without the help of semaglutide to manage cravings.

You may find that you need to continue taking this medication for a while to help you maintain your weight. That’s totally fine!

As long as you keep talking to your doctor or prescriber openly about your weight loss plan and how you’re feeling about maintenance, ending your treatment can happen at your own pace.


Can I start at the highest possible dose of Wegovy?


You shouldn’t start taking Wegovy at its highest possible dose. This is because your body needs time to adjust to this medication properly.

By starting at the lowest possible dose, you give yourself the chance to see how this treatment works for you. For example, how your appetite will change and whether you’ll experience side effects.

As you slowly increase your dose over time, you may find that you don’t need to continue up to the highest dose, as you’re getting the results you want with a lower dose.

If you were to start taking the highest possible dose of semaglutide from the word go, you may find that you experience worse side effects than you would otherwise, as your body just won’t be used to the treatment — it won’t even guarantee more weight loss in the long run.

Make sure to always follow your prescriber’s instructions when it comes to dosing. They’ll be able to assess the results you’re seeing as well as any side effects you’re experiencing. Additionally, they can adjust your treatment as needed to give you the best possible treatment.


Now you know all there is to know about starting Wegovy and why you need to increase your dose slowly. Remember, if you’re ever having any trouble you should talk to your prescriber, doctor, or pharmacist and ask for their advice.

They’ll be able to point you in the right direction, make sure that your weight-loss treatment is working as well as it can, and help you get the results you want to see.

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James O'Loan , CEO & Superintendent Pharmacist on 07 February 2024
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