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Blisters, Blister Patches, Blister Treatments

Blisters are small pockets of clear fluid that develop under the skin to protect damaged skin and are usually caused by friction, burns and skin reactions. 

If you develop a blister it is important to protect it and prevent it from becoming infected and infections can lead to a skin or blood infection. 

It is recommended to cover a blister with a soft plaster or dressing and at Chemist4U we have a range of products that are specifically designed to protect blisters from trusted footcare brands like Scholl and Compeed.

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  1. Save 14%
    Carnation Corn Pads Round - Pack of 12
  2. Carnation 2 Callous Caps
    Out of Stock

    Carnation 2 Callous Caps

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  3. Save 33%
    Carnation 3 Corn Shields
    Out of Stock
  4. Save 14%
    Carnation 4 Bunion Oval Pads
    Out of Stock
  5. Save 17%
    Carnation 5 Corn Caps
    Out of Stock
  6. Carnation Chiropody Felt - 5mm
    Out of Stock
  7. Save 29%
    Carnation Chiropody Felt - Large Sheet
    Out of Stock
  8. Save 37%
    Carnation Corn Pads - Pack of 9 Oval Pads
    Out of Stock
  9. Carnation Finger & Toe Bandage
    Out of Stock
  10. Carnation Soft Gel Toe Support & Straightener
    Out of Stock
  11. Save 17%
    Carnation Tofoam - Small & Large Tubes
    Out of Stock
  12. Compeed 5 Small Soothing Blister Relief Plasters
    Out of Stock
  13. Compeed Anti Blister Treatment Stick - 8ml
    Out of Stock
  14. Save 7%
    Compeed Blister On Toes 8 Plasters
    Out of Stock
  15. Save 9%
    Compeed Blister Plaster Mix Pack
    Out of Stock
  16. Save 22%
    Compeed Blister Underfoot Plasters - 5 Plasters
    Out of Stock
  17. Compeed Bunion Plasters - 5 Medium Plasters
    Out of Stock