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Sugar-Free Cough Syrup, Cough Lozenges, Sugar-Free Cough Sweets

Worried about the sugar content of regular cough medicines and lozenges?

At Chemist4U, we have a range of sugar-free cough medicines that are just as effective as regular cough remedies, but without the worry of excess sugar.

Choose from sugar-free cough syrup, lozenges and drops from brands such as Calpol and Vicks to fight off that cough the sugar-free way!

Are sugar-free cough medicines safe for diabetics?

People with diabetes need to be very careful with their sugar intake, even when they’re struggling with a cough that they just can’t shake. Luckily, some sugar-free cough medicines can make life a lot easier for those who have diabetes, helping them to ease their irritating cough without raising their blood sugar to dangerous levels.

Showing 15 results

Showing 15 results