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If you or your little one have a stubborn cough that you just can’t seem to shake, you may worry about the sugar content in regular cough medicines and throat lozenges. Too much sugar in your diet can be harmful to your health and can damage your teeth, which is why many people choose to pick up sugar free cough syrup or cough sweets. They can help to ease your cough as well as their sugary friends, but you won’t have to worry about how much sugar you or your child are consuming as you fight off that cough.

Are sugar-free cough medicines safe for diabetics?

People with diabetes need to be very careful with their sugar intake, even when they’re struggling with a cough that they just can’t shake. Luckily, some sugar-free cough medicines can make life a lot easier for those who have diabetes, helping them to ease their irritating cough without raising their blood sugar to dangerous levels.

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Showing 15 results