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Feeding & Baby Food

Breastfeeding your baby is essential, especially during the first few days after you give birth. In fact, the World Health Organisation (WHO) recommend that you should breastfeed your baby exclusively for the first 6 months of their life before beginning to introduce nutritious solid foods. This will help you to be sure that your baby will get the best possible food for them, as your breast milk is perfectly designed to support your baby.

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However, there are some parents who may not be able to breastfeed their babies, although this is rare. For example, your baby may have galactosemia, a rare condition which prevents them from processing the galactose which is found in breast milk, and can be life threatening if left untreated. In rare cases like these, your baby may need to be fed with a formula that is suitable for them, however, this should only be done if recommended by a doctor, midwife, or other medical professional.

The products in this category could be perfect for babies and toddlers or parents who have specific medical conditions. But remember, unless you’ve been told otherwise by a medical professional, breast is best!

Feeding & Baby Food