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Waxing doesn’t have to be a big deal and it definitely doesn’t have to take a long time. If you want your legs to feel smoother for longer, then ditch the razor and try waxing strips! They come from popular brands such as Nair and Veet and get rid of your unwanted hair quickly, with fantastic results.

Where can I use wax strips?

You can find different waxing strips for all of the most common areas of unwanted body hair. You can get leg wax strips and underarm wax strips. You can find sensitive wax strips for your bikini area and even smaller wax strips which can be used to shape your eyebrows or remove upper lip hair. If you have unwanted body hair, then you’ll be able to wax it away!

How to use waxing strips?

Waxing strips work by clinging onto your body hair and pulling it out from the root. Simply warm the strip between your hands and smooth it over the skin you want to be soft and smooth. Then quickly pull back the wax strip to remove your hair and move onto the next area. When you’re finished, your skin will be beautifully smooth and it will last longer than shaving to boot!

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Showing 7 results