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Do you often groan out of pain whenever you try to bend, walk or even sleep? Does a streak of sharp pain crop-up around your upper and lower back? Well, you must cure it before it becomes a severe health issue.

The causes of back pain vary from minor disc problems, muscle or ligament sprain, heavy twisting, poor back support to improper sitting or sleeping position. Whether the pain is because of a nonspecific cause like everyday stress or owing to specific inflammatory causes like arthritis or spondylitis, visiting the doctor for a detailed check-over is crucial.

However, there are many clinically-approved gels, sprays, creams, heat packs, cold patches and rubs available at for you to get temporary relief from the nerve-wrecking pain. These ointments control inflammation and soothe muscular and rheumatic pain. Their regular application helps in getting relief from stiffness, sprains, strains and mild arthritic aches. We also offer pain relief tablets, capsules and caplets that are formulated with a tested combo of pain-relieving ingredients to reduce aches and pains.

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