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There’s no denying the fact that everyone likes to go out and travel. If you are heading to a destination that has varying atmospheric conditions or is situated near to the equator, you are most likely to get affected by the sun. Staying in the sun for too long can have serious effects on the body, especially the skin. Exposure to sun rays for a long time can cause something as mild as skin tanning to as serious a condition like skin cancer. It also leads to early wrinkles and age-spots.

Nobody wants to look older than their age or come back home two shades darker. This can be made possible by using sun care products provided by We offer everything from sun protection lotions to after-sun sorbets that protect the skin from harmful UV rays. Just carry these effective cooling, hydrating and soothing creams and gels along and get ready to face the sun! For those times when you may have forgotten to reapply your sun cream, Magicool Pluss Suburn Spray relieves discomfort from mild to moderate sunburn.

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1-24 of 106