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Constipation Medicine & Laxatives

Constipation Medicine & Laxatives

Stool Softeners, Stimulant Laxatives, & Bulk Forming Laxatives

If you’re struggling to go to the toilet and you’re feeling all clogged up, you could have constipation.

When you have constipation a laxative could be just what you need to relieve your symptoms and get things moving again.

Here at Chemist4U, we stock a wide range of constipation medicines, including different types of laxatives that can help you to have a bowel movement and feel more comfortable.

We have products from top brands like Senokot, Dulcolax, Fybogel, and Movicol, using ingredients like docusate sodium, macrogol, and natural senna.

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1-24 of 59

What types of laxative are available?

What types of laxative are available?

There are lots of different laxatives and constipation remedies available and they all work in different ways.

The most common forms of laxative include:

  • Stool softeners: These laxatives work by softening your poo, making it easier and less painful to pass
  • Stimulant laxatives: These laxatives work by stimulating the muscles in your bowel so it will work to move your poo through your system so it can be passed
  • Bulk-forming laxatives: These laxatives work by making your poo larger, which stimulates your bowel and makes it easier for you to have a bowel movement
  • Osmotic laxatives: These laxatives work by drawing water into your bowel, making your poo larger and softer so it’s easier and more comfortable to pass


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