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Freestyle Libre One Sensor - Pack of 2

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The original Freestyle Libre sensor has now been discontinued. Looking to upgrade? Why not try the Freestyle Libre 2 instead.

What is the Freestyle Libre One Sensor?

The Freestyle Libre Sensor is an easy-to-use sensor for testing blood sugar levels for those with diabetes. Instead of the more traditional blood testing method, the Libre doesn’t require any finger pricking to draw blood and instead, the sensor sits on the back of the arm where it can easily be scanned to give you a reading. It can be used for up to 14 days.


How does the sensor work?

This sensor works by placing the Freestyle Libre Reader (sold separately) over the sensor which gives off a reading. It works similar to how a contactless credit/debit card works, with a simple connection to confirm the purchase.


Who is this sensor suitable for?

The Freestyle Libre Sensor is suitable for those with diabetes who have a more active lifestyle and want a faster reading. It is also suitable for those who perhaps don’t want to be constantly pricking their finger for blood.


How is the Freestyle Libre Sensor applied?

The is applied to the skin using the included applicator. To do this, make sure that the skin is clean because oily, wet, or hairy skin may make the sensor harder to apply. Applying the sensor includes several steps:

  • Open up the Sensor Pack and unscrew the cap on it and then put the cap aside.
  • Line up the dark marks on both the sensor and the applicator and press down on the applicator until it stops.
  • Place the applicator over where you want the sensor to go and push down firmly to apply the sensor to the skin. Now the sensor should stick to the skin.
  • Gently pull the applicator away from the sensor, which should stay on the skin.
  • Put the cap back onto the applicator.


How do I shower or bathe when the sensor is on?

If you are showering or bathing, then take extra care. The sensor is waterproof but hard pulling can knock it off, particularly when towelling. The sensor is waterproof for up to 1 metre and can be in the water for up to 30 minutes.


Will the sensor work when I am wearing tight clothing?

No, avoid wearing tight clothing on the arms when using the sensor. Also, take care not to catch the sensor on clothing when getting dressed.


Can I play sports when using the sensor?

You should avoid contact sports that could potentially knock the sensor off the arm. You should also be careful not to bump into things when not doing exercise as this could also knock the sensor off.


Can wear my sensor or CGM device on a plane?

If you wear a Freestyle Libre Sensor or another CGM (continuous glucose monitoring) device, then you may be concerned about taking the sensor through airport security or onto a plane. However, you should be able to take your sensor and other essential products you may need to manage your diabetes. We’d recommend contacting the airport and airline you will be flying with so you can make them aware that you have diabetes and will need to take supplies with you, so they can give you more information about their policies in this area and help you to navigate the airport security process properly when you’re there. You should also carry documentation from your doctor or nurse which explains your condition and further information about the device you’re carrying. For more information about this, you should speak to your doctor or another health care professional.


How do I remove the Freestyle Libre Sensor?

To remove the sensor, use an adhesive remover or use a baby oil such as Johnson’s Baby Oil to help remove the sensor.


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Important information

Please note that we CANNOT accept the return of any used Freestyle Libre sensors due to safety and hygiene regulations. This is because the sensors have a needle attachment which could cause harm or spread illness. If you have any problems with your product, please contact our customer services team and they will let you know what to do next.

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As diabetics can be free from paying VAT on products designed for diabetes, does this apply to the Abbott Freestyle Libre One Sensor that you are selling?

If you have a disability or long-term illness, you may be able to buy some of our products without paying any VAT. The government allows certain products to be zero-rated for VAT purposes (i.e. no VAT needs to be charged) to reduce the cost of the practical products which you may need because of your disability. For freestyle libre, as this product is used for diabetics, we have already removed the VAT from the sales price within the UK

How fast is delivery?

48 working hours

How many sensors are in the box?

There is one Sensor in the Box.

I am looking to purchase 3 boxes of Freestyle Libre One Sensor as a gift. If one was to be faulty how can I return for an exchange a few months away ?

Please contact customer services team on 01695 474433, they will be able to help you.

If I was to use this how would I see my blood sugars do I need a reader or is there an app?

It seems so! FreeStyle LibreLink is available for iPhone and Android.

Many of the same features of your FreeStyle Libre reader on your phone.

The FreeStyle LibreLink app is approved for use with the FreeStyle Libre Sensor.

Now you can monitor your glucose on your phone without routine fingerpricks.

If we purchase the freestyle Libre via yourselves will Abbott support the device if it was faulty. I am aware if it’s purchased via Amazon you will not have a warranty. Is it the same purchased via yourselves

Due to the device containing a needle we couldn't accept faulty Freestyle Libre back . If you contact Abbott Customer Services Department on 0800 1701177 , they could give you more information on how to return a faulty device to them and whether they will issue a replacement. Thank you

Is Libre link app also included in this price and how many time we can use sensors?

The Libre link app is a simple download via the App Store or google play store. There are a single sensor in each box, each sensor lasts 14 days in total.

What is the content of this box ? Is it only the sensor or sensor plus reader ?

The sensor is 5mm in height and 35mm in diameter.

The portion of the sensor that gets inserted under the skin is less than 0,4 mm wide and it's inserted only about 5mm under the skin.

In a study conducted by Abbott Diabetes Care, users agreed that inserting the sensor was no more painful than a typical finger prick glucose test*.

How do I dispose of the used plastic parts of the sensor applicator. Can I put them with my recycling or do I put them in the general waste?

Sensors should be disposed in a sharps bin, applicators with cap on disposed in a and the sensor packaging disposed in general waste.

How many times can you use the Freestyle libre sensor?

Freestyle libre sensors are for single use. Each sensor can be worn for up to 14 days and then should be discarded of with sharps waste

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Freestyle Libre One Sensor - Pack of 2 Reviews

Jackie Clevett - Southampton Customer,
Expensive and not always accurate but certainly gives a trend and lots of useful information.
Andy Thesen,
This product is a fantastic innovation but Abbott needs to bring the price down. Hopefully the new competitors will force it down.
Been around for a while now, should be getting a bit cheaper.
E Shopper,
Very convenient to use versus blood testing.
Vadim Ostapov,
Fast and careful. Thanks