Continuous Glucose Monitoring

Continuous blood glucose monitors help to make testing your blood sugar levels easy and moreSee less

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You can monitor your blood sugar levels without the uncomfortable finger pricks by investing in a flash glucose device, like the Freestyle Libre.


However, the device doesn’t measure your levels in the same way as a regular, finger-prick monitor does.


It measures the amount of glucose in the fluid that surrounds your cells, called interstitial fluid, and there may be a delay in getting the results from this, especially after exercising or eating.


Although the readings won’t be as fast, it may be an option for you if you dislike pricking your finger each time you need a reading.

Continuous glucose monitoring is exactly what it sounds like - it’s a way to continuously monitor your sugar levels, throughout the day and the night, so you can see your readings at times when you wouldn’t normally monitor, like when you’re sleeping.


You’ll wear the small, water-resistant monitor just under your skin for 14 days at a time, and with the FreeStyle Libre 2, you’re able to access your readings from your smartphone.


The monitor will alert you to any changes in your blood sugar levels, or inform you of a loss of signal between your sensor and the reader, so you can act quickly.


A continuous glucose monitoring device is suitable if you have type 1 or type 2 diabetes.

Diabetes is a condition that is life-long, cannot be cured and can only be managed by careful food and drink intake and regular testing of blood sugar levels.


Diabetes is a result of the hormone insulin, secreted by the pancreas to break down glucose in the blood, not being produced enough to sufficiently break it down.

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There are lots of glucose monitors out there to choose from, ones that are invasive, non-invasive, and continuous, and it all depends on personal preference and lifestyle.


An invasive blood device requires you to draw a very small amount of blood to apply to the test strip, which you’ll have to remember to do multiple times per day.


There’s a minimally invasive variety that you use to scan the area, like your arm, to get a blood level reading instantly; however, the sensors might not always stay in place to form an accurate reading.


Then there's a continuous glucose monitoring device, which continually gives you readings - it requires minimal effort, perfect if you don’t always remember to take your blood sugar levels.