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Constipation Medicine & Laxative Tablets, Syrups, & Suppositories

Struggling to go to the bathroom and feeling a bit clogged up? You could be suffering from constipation, a common problem that can affect anyone.

When you have constipation, you can experience a number of uncomfortable symptoms as well as being unable to poo, including wind, bloating, and feeling sick.

If you need medication to help to relieve your constipation, you may consider using a laxative, which can help to treat the problem in a number of different ways.

Laxatives are available in syrups, tablets, suppositories, or sachets, and use a range of natural and medicated ingredients like senna, docusate sodium, and macrogol.

No matter what you need to get things moving again, Chemist4U can get your constipation relief to your door quickly and discreetly.

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