COVID-19 Essentials

COVID-19 Essentials

Face Masks, Antibacterial Hand Gel & Immune Support Vitamins


COVID-19, also known as Coronavirus, is a highly infectious illness which can be fatal, especially to those who are immunocompromised or in the high-risk category.


As COVID-19 continues to affect us all, it's important to follow social distancing guidelines and practice good hygiene to help prevent the spread of the virus.


For example, you should wear a face mask or face covering whenever you're in a shop or another enclosed area with other members of the public and should use antibacterial hand sanitising gel or wash your hands with antibacterial soap whenever possible.


If you're going to follow these guidelines, you'll need supplies, which is why we've put together all of our COVID-19 essentials, so you can find everything you need to support yourself, your family, and everyone around you until things get back to normal.

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