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Whether you want to rock the perfect bold lip or a natural nude shade for your days in the office, you'll find your new favourite lip product here. Maybe glossy lips are more your style? You can get plumped, buttery lips with our range of lip glosses and lip plumpers - and don’t forget the lip liner! Lip liner is an essential part of your lip routine if you’re looking to achieve a fuller, lasting pout.

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    Malibu SPF 30 Watermelon Lip Balm - 5g

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can lip balms treat cold sores?

If you’re looking for a lip balm that can provide relief for your cold sore, it will need to contain a natural analgesic like menthol.


If you want to get rid of your cold sore fast, find a lip balm that contains docosanol, an antiviral agent which treats the cold sore when it’s in its early stages to stop it in its tracks.

What are the benefits of lip liner?

Lip liner has multiple uses, like preventing your lipstick from bleeding onto your skin, locking in moisture (perfect if you’re using a matte lipstick) and helping to prolong the life of your lipstick.


If you overline your lips to create the illusion of fuller lips, using a lip liner is essential to create the perfect contour lines.

What are the benefits of applying a lip mask?

If your lips are chapped or dry, especially during the winter, you’d benefit from applying a lip mask.


Not only do they supply your lips with much-needed moisture, but they can make your lips appear plumper and reduce the signs of ageing.

How to make your lipstick last longer?

There’s nothing more frustrating than when your once perfect bold lip ends up smudged across your face - or worse, your teeth.


But there are ways to help your lipstick last longer, and it all starts with the preparation.


Exfoliate your lips with a scrub and moisturise with a lip balm to prevent your lipstick sticking to any dry patches.


Use a lip liner to prevent your lipstick bleeding and a lip brush for precise application.

What lip colour will suit my skin tone?

To find out what lip colour will suit you, you’ll need to find your skin’s undertone.


If you’ve got cool undertones, you’ll need to look for lipsticks with blue or purple undertones; if you’ve got warmer undertones, orange and red lipsticks will pop on your skin, especially if they’ve got an added sheen of gold or copper.


The good news is if your skin has got neutral undertones, you can wear both.

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