Electric Razors

With the amount of times you shave, why settle for anything less than an electric razor? Read More See less

Electric razors glide over your skin, reducing the chances of cuts, irritation and razor burn. Shop for your new electric razor today from top brands like Braun to improve the quality of your shave.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use electric shavers in water?

You can use lots of electric shavers and razors in the bath or the shower, but this depends entirely on the product you’re using.


If you think you want to use your electric shaver when wet, you should check whether it can be used that way before you buy the product, if you can.


Generally, cordless shavers can often be used when wet, but it’s impossible to say that this is true 100% of the time, after all, we can’t go and check all of the hundreds of shavers out there!


We’d recommend researching the product you’re interested in on its manufacturer’s website if you’re not sure, they will usually let you know whether a product can be used in water or if it can only be used when dry.


If you buy a shaver or epilator and then find that it isn’t waterproof, don’t try to use it in the bath or shower, this would be dangerous and could break the product too.

How do you prevent shaving irritation?

Shaving irritation is unpleasant, but there are ways to prevent it from happening by enforcing good preparation and shaving techniques.


The best time to shave is when your skin is clean, wet and warm - you should also apply a shaving gel or cream to the area to make it easier for the blades to glide.


Shave in the direction of the hair - you might be able to get a closer shave by going against the grain, but you’re more likely to cause irritation.

Does hair grow thicker after shaving?

Shaving won’t affect the thickness, colour or growth of the hair.


It may have the appearance of being coarser, but this is simply the blunt tip of the hair follicle which will feel smoother when it grows.

Should I use an electric or manual razor?

Electric razors are constantly improving - they’re quick, last longer than manual razors and provide a close finish.


However, manual razors tend to be better at offering the cleanest, closest finish as you’re able to shave wet, something you’re unable to do with many electric razors.

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